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Mr Whiskers needs healing vibes

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Mr Whiskers is the FIV stray that my Mom adopted a couple months ago. He needs some healing vibes as he hasnt been feeling well since Saturday. he has little appetite and today just goes to his box and scratches but doesnt go. at first on Saturday we thought he wasnt eating too well because my and his mom was sick and all he did was stay by her side but then yesterday and now i'm positive he doesnt feel too good, so we have a vet appt in 2 hours so please send us some good vibes that it is nothong serious please. his normal vet isnt in today but we will see one of his associates, hopefully they will be knowledgable about FIV cats.
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Many being sent for Mr. Whiskers. Let us know how the visit goes.
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Adding for him. And yes, please let us know how it goes.
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Sending healthy vibes for Mr. Whiskers.
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ok i just dropprd Mr Whiskers off at my moms and got settled in at home. the vet visit went quite well in my opinion. Mr Whiskers has a slight eye infection and an infection of the gums hence his not eating or defacating. he got some sub -q fluids and an anti biotic injection and oral anti biotics an eye drops and believe it or not a mouth wash all of these are for home treatment in addition to his interferon and l=lysyne. he has gained weight and is actually according to the vet doing quite well for an FIV+ cat. the vet told me these are secondary infections that are common in FIV cats, we have to report back in wednesday morning. thank you for the good vibes and please continue to send recovery vibes as we would really apprieciate it. thanks again to all we thank you sooooooooooo much
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Sounds like you have a great vet! Continued mega for his recovery.
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