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I *heart* OnDemand

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It's been SOOOOO worth the extra money per month.

there are so many movies that I've watched, that though I know won't be great I was tempted to pay the $3.99 a movie for.

So far I've seen:
Triston + Isolde (good girl flick)
Marie Antoinette (cool costumes!)
Eragon (childrens version of LOTR)

and now I'm about to start The Queen.

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I watched Mary Antoinette Friday. I liked it too!
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I so wanted to be a queen after watching that! Just without the head cutting off thing.

I've also been able to watch the past season of Curb Your Enthusiam and The Tudors (those writers really screwed up the history).

B and I have also watch Blood diamonds (very good!) and Borat (hilarious). So pretty much the $30 extra for digital cable is worth it.
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Hey there movie fan! We love 'em too, and we're happy with Netflix. For $16.99 a month, we get 3 at a time, unlimited, no late fees or return-by dates! Sounds like you enjoy some good movies -- Netflix has a HUGE inventory to choose from in all genres including our faves, international and independent. http://www.netflix.com will get you there. And, you can watch on your p.c. if you prefer instant gratification.
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My parents have on demand and I would agree, it is awesome. I'm am definitely jealous of anyone who has it. But I can't beat the price of my cable, free for 76 channels.
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