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Went to two shelters yesterday.....

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I want a new cat to keep Links company, as he seems lonely now. So yesterday, we went to The Cats Protection and the RSPCA. We didn't see any at the RSPCA that I thought 'I want that cat' so we went to the the Cats Protection. We saw the cutest little Calico. A little younger than we were looking for but that was okay. As it happens she can't be seperated from her brother and I'm not sure we would want two more at this stage. So there was another Calico called Chubby that I really liked, 2 years old, which is just what I was looking for.

So I filled in the form to arrange a home check. And they asked me some questions. They also said that in my area I need to have a cat around 8 years old or above. I said that was fine.

On the form I said that I do not have a cat flap, and would not be putting one in. They said that this would cause a problem as they would perfer to home their cats in a place that they can come and go as they please!!! I won't be letting my new cat out, not after what happened to Ziggy. They also said the the reason an older cat would be better is because they are more calm and less likely to run around on the roads. Again... I will not be letting this cat out!!!

I'm really disapointed because I don't think I will be able to get a cat from any shelter because of this. The RSPCA also asked about a cat flap.

Oh Well. They are coming tomorrow at 11am to assess my house and location. Hopefully they will allow me to have one.

On a brighter note. A guy from my work has been considering rehoming their cat. They have a young baby and have had a few close encounters with 'face-napping' The cat has also tryed to play attack the baby. She is a year old, black with white mitts, chin and bib, and is currently called Tallula. Fingers croosed on her.
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Really? They won't let you have the cat because you don't want to risk losing it to the outdoors, again? That....That just seems wrong. I would think they'd be -happy- that you don't plan on letting it out. o_o

Then again, I'd never let my cats outside, unless they were on a leash, anyway, and think it's crazy that people let their cats out. And then again, again, I live in a big city, where it's pretty stupid to let your cats out, anyway. =P
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They actually told you that you have to adopt a cat around 8 years or older?? That is MESSED UP!

You could just tell them that you will be taking them outside on a leash since what happened to your last one. Or you could even build a small enclosure so that they cannot run off.
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I don't have a back garden. But I do have a huge grass bank at the side of my house (My house is built into a hill)

I don't mind having an older cat, but I would be concerned that it won't be active enough for Links who is only 3 months old. I was after one who is around a year or two.

They believe that cats should be FREE to wander as they please. And not inside all day. They also said that having a litter tray in the house is unhealthy for my 2year old son. I explained that I have had cats for a year and that my son doesn't touch it.

I told them what happened to Ziggy, and they just said, 'That's why you should have an older cat, because they won't go so close to roads as they are not so playfull and are more cautious'.
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If I was in England/UK, I'd have a problem too with their insistance on letting them outside. I'm in the US and no one can convience me that letting them come and go as they please is ok But I know UK is different and I'll respect that

If you get turned down, then I would either adopt the coworker's cat if you feel its the right one, or look into the newspaper's ads and just adopt one from a private party in this case.
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That's strange because i wasn't asked anything like that?. And i know my branch prefer that their kept inside.

If you have a problem with them let me know and i'll have a word with Chris who's the branch secretary of my local branch. I feel like telling her what you've been told anyway?
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It's so strange to me that the UK is so civilized that declawing isn't done, but still considers it okay to let cats outdoors. Maybe you should suggest that they look at some relevant threads on this site and see how so many others view this issue.
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It would be nice to do an exchange with the UK

1. USA bans declawing in every state, and

2. UK starts promoting that cats are healthier and better off as inside cats
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The UK have done studies that show that their cats, despite the obvious car accident problems are generally healthier than cats that are kept inside as they get the exercise their bodies were meant to get daily. They have less feline obesity and related medical problems so I doubt anyone would change the RSPCA's ideas on the indoor/outdoor debate.
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Would it be worth it to buy a fake door and install a cat door on it? Then just put it up while they're there and take it down after they leave?

actually I would recommend driving a bit further for a shelter that doesn't mind if you're going to keep the cat indoors.
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Nice idea but I don't have a backdoor and there is no way I would have a flap on the front door.

I'll just see what happens tomorrow. If I can't have a cat from a rescue, then I will look in the paper and on the internet. There are loads on there. And I got Ziggy from the paper.
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I've sent an e-mail to Chris so i'll let you know what she says
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I hope they let you get a kitty. I agree about not letting the kitties out. It deceases their life span so much and I would be worried sick every time my cat was outside.
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I know things are just done different there, so I'll just say that I hope the right kitty comes to you!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
I know things are just done different there, so I'll just say that I hope the right kitty comes to you!
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Well Cats Protection came today.

They will not let me have a cat.

I was at work and my partner was there, and basically she said my house is too near roads Whose house isn't near a road? (unless out in the country side on a farm or something) So, the lady suggested we keep Links as an indoor, which Andy said that we will anyway. They said that we can't have an older cat (even though they said that would be best if we have roads nearby) as they are used to the outdoors and it would be unfair to them. Ok, I agree with that. They said then that we couldn't have a younger cat because they too are used to outdoors. And we can't have a kitten because my son is under 5 years old - I knew that anyway, and we weren't looking for a kitten.

I'm so angry and upset, because I am willing to train a younger cat to stay indoors. They say they want the best life for their cats. I can give them that. They could see that me house was clean and tidy, and that the food and litter was clean and hygeinic for them, and they could also see the HUGE grass bank and bushy area at the side of my house. They were still concerned about the cat flap too. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH I'm so angry. I'm suprised they home any of their cats with strict rules like that.
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Yeah I am too - its a wonder they adopt any cats! Well don't be too upset. Check with your coworker and see if that's the one that you like or just look in the newspaper.

Heck with Cat Protection - find yourself a great kitty that you can love for a long time. Its sad when they put that many restrictions on adoption.

I'd never use them if I lived in England - there are other places that would be glad to have someone give a cat/kitten a good home!
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My co-workers partner is now reluctant to let go of their cat. It's easier to say something than to actually do it.

Anyway, been on the internet and found someone in my town with some kittens for sale. I e-mailed her and she has sent me pictures.

Only the two on the right are for sale. I want the tortie!!! She kinda reminds me of Ziggy, but don't worry, I'm not trying to replace her. I torties so much that I would have a house full of them!!! (I think she's more torbie - look at the top of her head)

AAAAAHHHHH I want her!!!!
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Grizzlie has an orage spot on the top of her head like the one in your picture!!
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It's worth checking classified ads - I got Radar through an online ad on vivastreet (I had the same problem adopting from CHAT, so resorted to other methods).

Do watch out if you look on there though, there are loads of people advertising things like 'Bengal Cross Kittens' for as much as £400 (with a photo showing some very cute but definitely not Bengal anything medium haired red tabby kittens ) so don't be conned into anything - unlikely anyway since you're not daft.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
its a wonder they adopt any cats!

Heck with Cat Protection -

I'd never use them if I lived in England
Please, before you go slamming the cats protection, an organisation that unlike some refuse to put a healthy cat/kitten to sleep unless it's really necessary, i strongly suggest you read up on them first!.

Sadie already has the e-mail that my branch sent to me about her situation but here's a copy of it which Chris said i could show.

Cats Protection Newcastle

Hi Susan,

Unfortunately each branch of CP and RSPCA work to guidelines, but create additional rules themselves, just as we at Newcastle have done. However, remember they are being run, with the exception of Adoption Centres, by volunteers, and our knowledge comes from experience. Not all volunteers have been 'at it' as long as those at our Branch.

We too made many mistakes at the offset, and have learnt the hard way.

Adoption Centres have paid staff, so now you come up against the opposite problem, the staff are trained to guidelines, and don't cater for the individual cat, hence they use rulings that may apply to strays to cover relocated domestic cats.

Its very much a no win situation.

Up here in the North East, we see problems that people down south wouldn't understand, we have the highest cruelty rate, and why? Mainly because we have no shelters and no educational program in operation.

We actively encourage people to retain their cats as housecats, and if they can to do as we have, cover over an area of garden. That way the cats are safe from road accidents and unpleasant neighbours who wouldn't think twice about placing poison down for cats.

This ruling about children under 5 is ridiculous, some kids arent fit to have a cat around at the age of 15 never mind 5, others are fine at the age of 2, so its a mistake to generalise. In fact I did a home visit today in Blyth, and the family had two kids, one aged 3 and one 10, both kids were gentle and listened to what I had to say, so I am sure they will be fine with a cat.

And think about it, how are children going to learn to respect animals if they never live with one, so again, that's a stupid ruling.

It sounds to me as though your friend visited Adoption Centres who simply have a set criteria to follow. She would be better going to a Branch rather than a Centre.

One observation I have is that if a cat has spent a long time as a stray, they often don't want to repeat it. They so often make wonderful house cats, as they don't want to have to hunt, they don't want to have to seek shelter. Ok some will want out, but the Centre should know which ones they think wouldn't adapt.

When a cat comes into us, it has to remain in the pen, it cant go walk about, so we know its going to have to stay put for at least 3 weeks. However, Adoption Centres don't keep them as long as we do, they put them up for adoption within a week or so of them arriving.

Anyway, hope that gives you my side of that argument.

Feel free to post any of this on your website.

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I do think it a bit much that just because the cruelty rate is lower down here that I can't have an indoor cat.

They made out that because we can't have a cat flap that it's going to be really hard on the cat not being able to wander in and out as they please. They just didn't get that I don't want them to wander in and out.

I just wanted a young housecat.

I haven't heard back yet from the woman selling her kittens, hoping to soon. I've e-mailed her my phone numbers and best times to phone so fingers-crossed. I should have a new kitty in a few days!!!

Thinking about getting a Ragdoll late next year when money is better....
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Originally Posted by sadieandziggy View Post
I do think it a bit much that just because the cruelty rate is lower down here that I can't have an indoor cat.
That shocked me knowing that it was higher here because i didn't know that? Maybe if they had explained it more in depth with you.

What about doing what Chris said about going direct to your local branch like i did than a centre?
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What is meant by Branch, as aposed to Center? (Sorry feel like an idiot for asking that)
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I've just e-mailed her asking. I know my branch consists of fosterers where the cats and kittens are kept in pens at peoples homes, but some branches have properly built shelters similar to the RSPCA where you can just go and visit all the cats.
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I grew up on a farm so all cats were outside cats and I think it is nice for cats to be able to go outside but for most people it really isn't possible for them to do so safely. If I had the money I would own a house with a cat flap and a yard enclosed with a cat proof fence but that isn't possible for me. I keep my cats inside and I think it is a far better alternative than roaming outside around traffic.
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We got Jupey from Cats Protection, a really nice lady came out to check the house, she was only here 10 minutes and didn't ask if we were going to let him out or not. Within the hour we were called by the foster carer to see if we wanted to visit Jupey who was 12 weeks old, we were not told we had to adopt an older cat even though we are on quite a busy road.

I think it's very strange that your CP is going so over the top, this country has been over-run with kittens this summer and theres always young cats needing homes too.

Good luck with your future kitty!
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I lived in England for awhile, and though I *did* have cats, I got them from neighbors who were irresponsibly overpopulating the neighborhood with kittens because their queens weren't altered

We did, on the other hand, adopt a dog from the N.A.W.T. and their rules are *significantly* different than the rules are here in the United States. And you know what? I love them *all the more* for it!

I can understand why you're upset about the organizations feelings about you keeping a house cat. I was given the impression when I lived there that most people felt that it was cruel to keep a cat indoors all the time. However, I think that it's working under a false assumption that a cat will be unhappy in a transition from an indoor cat to an outdoor cat.

Reagan is a former feral, and she's adjusting fine. She wants to go outside, but she doesn't. She lives vicariously through the windows. Molly will probably have some similar issues, and DH and I hope that we can eventually get both of them leash trained.

Hopefully something will work out for you. I can understand their point of view (when we adopted our dog in England, she had to have a fenced-in yard and they wanted her to be able to come and go as she pleased, too -- and this is a DOG we're talking about, way out in the countryside!).

I think sometimes organizations like this forget that there are people out there who hate animals, and who will harm them. The roads aside, if you live in the country your animal could get shot by a farmer. If you live in the city, the animal could be hit by a passing car. In either situation, there are animal-haters who might want to poison your animal.

I have two cats who have been indoors for quite some time now, and neither of them is in the least bit obese! Whisper is gaining weight again (he lost a lot when we first moved because he wouldn't go downstairs to eat and we weren't indulging his whims) and Reagan has put on *some* weight but will probably always be little.
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what a frustrating experience for you My former feral and my latest two strays all prefer not to go outside anymore, esp. w/ winter coming on
Sending plenty of {{{prayers and vibes}}} that your new cat finds you and Links very soon - I am sure that out there that particular cat really, really needs to find it's new home with you....Calling all cat-guardian angels to direct that cat in your direction
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