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We must all have one. So what is yours?

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Pet names for our little bundles of fur that is, I will start with our three.

Amber = Ambie Bambie Wambie.

Milo = Miley Smiley Milo.

Minniie= Minnie Moo Moo.
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Ling is "Miss Ling" or "Linger"

Charlie is "Mr. Charles" (DH's fav) or "Charlie boy"

Keno is "Miss Keno" or "Keno pup/puppy" (she's 5 yrs old BTW)
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Trouts are furbutt, furry baby, little scamp...etc..I could go on for hours.
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They can both be refered to as do-do head or furball or fuzzybutt

Marcie is M Cat
Darcy is D Cat or Little D
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They have loads of pet names

Magnum is Chugs, Beast, Sir Fluffalot....
Boomer is Kleesey, Vamp, Beggar...
Scully is SmoochyMoochy mostly
Bumper is Baby, BabyBumps, Noodles...
Autumn is Meeps to me and Roo to him, she needs time to get more, he also calls her daddy's little princess
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Kahlua is Missylou or Missy
Joey is Joemonster or Joey Buddy (But only by Gary)
And Chablis is Kitty Boy or Chubly
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Mine have way too many.

Here's some of the more commonly used ones:

Katie - Baby, Baby Cat, Chicky, Belle, Beauty
Gracie - Little Bug, Bugaroo, ***chy Kitty, Princess, Pudge
Peter - Pea Pod, Sweet Pete, Manly Man, Hunk, Baby Boy
Claire - Claire Kitty, Claire Bear, Clarey, Fat Chick, Angel Girl
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Popsie's currant one is monster but I've called him poopsie, stinky, munchkin, pumpkin, smoochie face, silly boy..... The list could go on and on.
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Kojak : Kojo Jo jo (We say it REALLY loud and he comes a runnin! please don't ask!), Kojak Kitty, Kojo

Isabella: Bella bee, Izzy Bizzy, Bella, Izzy, that white cat (Colin always refers to her as "that white cat of yours")

Jasmine: Sugar momma, Suggs, Jazzy,Blue Eyes

Velvet: Velveteen, Velvie,
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Jennifer - Jenny meow, princess
Pheelicks - izzy, flex
Maneki neko - Maneki, fat man
Skylar - 'bete butt, skylar betes
Mew - pew mew, momma mew
spaz - spazer man, fat *** (he thinks the second nickname listed is his real name)
Cleo - tubby fat, little fat, baby fat, or cleofatra
Neville - Neville devil, devil man
Weeble - Wobble tush, tushy
Cillian - Dinker, dinker butt

Oz - Ozzy booty
Mika - Pika, stink face, pika mika

I was actually just talking to my DH about this last night... I noticed a lot of our animals nicknames have to do with fat or rear ends...
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Sassy - Sassums, Stripey, Sassifras
Stratus - Lil Mister, Other Stripey, Jerk, Punkie
Kiara - KiKi
Sophie - Sophie Bear
Abby - Abbers, Abbydoodle, Meezer
Tux - Tucker, Tuckie
Bellona - Bell

Butterfly Kylene - Ky, Kylene, Pretty girl
Amante - Mo, Loudmouth, Car Alarm
Sierra - Cee Cee

Moonlight - Moonie, Big girl
Sulfa - Whimpy (he got beat up by Moonie =P)
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Our cat is called Mr. Norstar
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Harry is called Harrykins, his royal Harryness, Harrington.
Bagheera is called Baggy, bagwag
Rupert is called Roopy, Roopsikins
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Tiger: Little boy, Baby, Tiggie, Kitty butt, Little Man
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Matilda has many nicknames - Mattie/Maddy, Kitty, Miss Kitty, Princess, Fluffy, Fluffykins, Pretty Girl, Pretty Kitty......and Garbage.

Yes, Garbage.

If you've ever seen The Office, that's where that comes from. My SO started it and I hate it.
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Ophelia is Precious, Princess (she doesn't like that one ), Baby Doll
Trent is Boo, Boo Bear, Baby Bear, and Babaloo
Ginger Cookie is Cookie, Sweetie Girl, Pretty Girl
Mojo is Lil' Baby (Ironic since she's actually the biggest of the cats!), Mojo Baby
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My cat's name is Kitty but I also call her:
-Boo Boo
-Poo Poo
-Princess Kitty
-Princess Kitty II: The Sequel
-Big Eyes
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Swan Doodle
Swanie Doodle
Doodle T.
Punkin Head

Cindy Lou
Cynthia Louise
B.C. (Beautiful Cat)
Sweetie Pie
Princess Fussytoes
Cutie Girl
Cutie Patootie

I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting
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Angel: Baby girl, Little Panther, Little demon, Silly girl

Tiger: Fat butt, fuzzer butt, Furball, Tigger, Buddy, Big boy, Stinker
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we have:

garfield-obviously you know where this is from
hooch-turner and hooch
mic-mick jagger, even tho she is a girl
skunk-stripe on her nose

monkey-he looks like a baby monkey
other 2 are unnamed yet, but my friends who are going to take them are thinking of lucy and ricki

painted turtle:
Tortuga, or toogs or toogy-off of pirates if the caribbean

algernon-flowers for algernon
2 unnamed females i bought today(any ideas?)

squeasy-cuz he squeases things lol

Torsha-she was named before we got her. though shes been gone over the bridge for a few months now, shes always in my heart, and she has the most beautiful name in the world
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Sash- punker, punk-rocker, punkerdoodle, lover, loverboy, my sweet baby, big bear, handsome man! Isn't it so wonderful, they never care what we call them?
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When Junior is running around with his tail on fire I call him either Psycho or Sci-Fi (short for Psychotic Feline). Other times I call him Dude, Boy, Mister, and the obligatory Hey You.

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Enzo = Enzy
Leya = Baby Girl
Stuart = StuuuuuART!! Stuie
Thor = Mr. WhinyKins (my new long haired chihuahua puppy)
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Dinahs are - Little Kitty, Keykey, and Girl.

CAt! when she is under my feet
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