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"Pretty Girl" made progress!

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As it has pretty much been decided between us and our neighbor-friend, Pretty Girl (the name of the feral calico kitten) will be coming inside for the winter. We simply cannot bear to leave her outside in the elements.

Right now we have three ferals, two possums, and several mice who eat out of our bowls (the opossums eat most of the food, unfortunately!). We also feed three squirrels. Yeah, we're animal lovers

At any rate, one of the cats we're going to collar and tag for his owner, as we are fairly certain that he isn't feral or even stray. This is going to be done on Monday -- whoever suggested that, thank you!

The big tabby and white female is about as feral as they come, and we're going to try to have her TNR'ed by the local feral group. Pretty Girl, on the other hand, is going to get a home We aren't sure which of us yet, but it's going to happen.

When we first saw her about five days ago, we thought she was completely feral. She ran from anything even remotely human, and acted terrified. Within the day, she was calling for us for attention (meowing). Of course she wouldn't let us near, but we'd make sure that she had plenty of food and water and that there was enough set out for her specifically, as she's smaller than the others and has a harder time fending for herself.

Through the past three days, we've made significant progress. She's started being willing to come up on our porch when we're outside. Or rather, onto the other half of the porch while we're outside.

Then there's tonight. DH and I came home, and I pointed her out to him. Immediately he said "do you want me to get her?" So he's just as in love as I am! Woo hoo! At any rate, I said "not yet, she's not quite tame." He's fine with that, but he did approach her and managed to touch her. She didn't quite "let" him, but there was no trauma involved (emotional, that is). She came right back after the food once he was out of sight, though I was still right there.

I consider this pretty significant, and I look forward to what the next couple of weeks bring with her! I caught some pictures on my camera phone, but I don't have web on the phone so I can't upload them
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Glad to hear she is going to have a home
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