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Fred the Punk

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This little goober likes to get revenge! Last night I had a friend over who stomped his foot near Fred and scared him. Well Fred plotted for two hours to get his revenge.. creeping around the corner and peeking. I could see his little mind spinning with nasty ideas. He waited until my friend was sitting at my computer fixing something with his back turned. Fred the five week old punk climbed his little self up on the chair... crouched down.. wiggled his little butt and DOVE from the top of the chair to my friends back looking like a bat flying through the air legs outstretched and landed on my friends back claws dug in and hanging there like "GOTCHA!". After realizing he got his revenge he went back to playing with his tissue that he finds so fascinating. What a dork.
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quite the lil rascal you have there!

(i love his name by the way! i love the name Fred for a cat
or dog!)
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He sounds so cute!
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Ha-Ha!! That was so funny!!! Good for Fred!!! I am glad he got his revenge... and also glad you have joined us here!
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