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Have you ever met a ghost???

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Anyone with ghost experiences or other eerie happenings to share?
I have 3:
1. The spookiest - I was separated from my former husband when he appeared to me in a dream and grabbed my wrist and tried dragging me through the dark. It was so real, and I couldn't scream - finally i managed to tell him, "Let me go! You can't take me - you're a ghost!" and he sped away like an untied balloon with this zipping noise like the sound of a sleeping bag zipper. Unknown to me, HE WAS DEAD AT THE TIME AND was cremated the morning following my dream.
2. I had a waking dream of an old Indian laying down, surrounded by the elder women, and he was doing his death chant. I couldn't wake up and I couldn't go back to sleep. When he began making gurgling noises, I approached to try CPR and the women charged me, to let him alone. I felt like I was falling thru space and then woke up. I found out that my teen daughter and her friends were doing "spell" to call a ghost that night, in the bedroom next door, with the door closed.
3. I dreamed that I was driving at night and suddenly see a woman pushing a stroller and holding a little girl by the hand. They were in long, black "widow's weeds". I swerved and then look into my rearview mirror to see them being run over by a car behind me. I dreamed that same dream 3 times in one work week; the next Saturday night, I assisted a 12yo girl in a highway accident; her mother was killed on impact - being the first on scene, I was the one to find out she was gone. I rode to the hospital with the girl, to comfort her, and found out that the mother was pregnant.
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Yes I have actually...Twice.
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I have many times! The most profound experiences I had were when we visited a civil war battlefield in Tennessee.
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Yes. .
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I've dreamt about people who are since passed, however I have not personally gone up and shake hands with one.

However B has. One example of the many: He grew up in a very rural white farm community and his "imaginary" friend growing up was a black lady with red hair named Luann. The house that he grew up in was extremely haunted according to some members of the family (others said they weren't bothered by the house) and believed to have been part of the underground railroad. He told me that she actually followed him to college and he hasn't seen her since.
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would like to. i love ghost stories,
but i really dont beleave in them at all.
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Yes - many times
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Come on yes people, tell some stories! Please...
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Originally Posted by felineorc View Post
Yes - many times
Come on...don't tease us like that!

I had a couple weird experiences in my teens, but that's it.
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NO thank god!
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If I ever feel that I'm perceptive to ghosts, I block it out. It gives me the creeps like no tomorrow!
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I do block it out now... I don't like weird shadows ball things creeping across my ceiling while I'm trying to go to sleep at night, they can go bother someone else. Interestingly, that cut my headaches down from daily to only 3 or 4 times a week.

As for "meet", no. None have stopped, introduced themselves, or offered to shake hands. They or it would pop up in a room (at my old house) and it would be a race to see who disappeared first, usually me...running out of the room.
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I used to live in an apartment in a really old house. One night I felt as if someone had put their arm around me and was cuddling me. I jumped up and switched on the light and there was no-one there. My cousin suggested if it happened again wait and see what happens next.

A couple of weeks later, I was sleeping and I felt the same thing and as if someone was holding my hand. I remembered what my cousin said and waited. Next thing I felt my hand being squeezed really tightly as if they were trying to break my fingers! I turned suddenly and there was a shadow over my bed, a faceless thing wearing white. I jumped up again and it disappeared.

It probably was just a dream but it felt very real. I moved out not long after!
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i have never really seen a ghost, but the closest i came to one was in my bathroom a few months ago. My bf had gone into the bathroom and afterward came upstairs looking really freaked out. when i asked him what was wrong, he said "did my sister wake up and say anything to the baby?" i said no why? (her bedroom was across frm ours and above the bathroom) then he was like, "well when i was in the bathroom i heard some one say 'Hey Baby', but i thought it was my sister talkin to the baby." i said no she didnt say anything i would have heard her. we shook that off, and i eventually forgot about it believe it or not. but later the same night i went into the bathroom and i heard some one say hello to me it was CLEAR AS DAY. i freaked out and ran up to tell my bf and for the longest time i made him go down with me when i needed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. i never heard anything else since but i still think about i alll the time
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I haven't seen the ghost that lives at my in-law's house but it sure pranked me pretty good. It dragged my birthday balloon all over the upstairs. Before you say "it was the wind", it was making 90 degree turns and going up and down through the door frames.

My hubby has and experienced a lot at his parents house. He said he's seen a ghost cat upstairs a few times too. We lived at his parents house after we were married for about 6 months. He worked nights, the cats would be on the bed with me, and there were definitely noises in the hallway. I have sooooo many night lights because of living there. Mike and his cousin have plenty of stories about activity there---objects flying through the air. I think the ghost is a bit of a prankster though. The balloon incident with me, and Mike has a story of how the ghost woke his parents up when he came in late at night while in high school.

We rented an apartment while I was still in college that I am pretty sure was haunted. It was an old house split into apartments, and the hallway to the basement was right out our door. I had a couple creepy experiences doing laundry at night--so I stopped doing laundry at night. I would also hear noises like someone on the stairs. When no one was there.

Mike rented several apartments that were very much haunted while he was single. One he later found out there was some brutal things that had happened there. Another one the ghost would hide things. I remember him calling me shortly after we started dating...he had torn his apartment apart for several days. Couldn't find his remotes (I think 4 or so) anywhere. He woke up one morning and they were lined up perfectly on his table like they were never gone. We never did find his cd cases.... He said that ghost would take shoes and hide them or arrange them after parties too.
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While I have not seen a ghost, one of my sisters has. She worked at a salt mine and the offices on the property sat on the spot if an old house. The house was torn down some years before. Well one night as she is walking through the office, she sees this thing dart into the conference room. She didn't get a real good look at it, but went to go find what it was as it was small and kinda looked like an animal. Well she didn't find it. She saw the same thing several weeks later and got a better look and it looked like a black cat. She went to go look for it again, and again nothing. She asked her coworkers if they saw anything, they all said no. Another night as she arrived at work she saw it once again. This time she as she tried to follow it, she smelled poo, no poo to be found in the room where it was smelled. None of the other worked reported as seeing it. Some of the others who work a different shift have told her that they have see the cat and smelled the poo from time to time. Also the cat has been 'seen' in the office for years and years. Every time she had seen the cat all doors and windows to the office have been closed and locked so no way for the cat to get in or out.
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My ghost stories are in there somewhere.

There is defintely a ghost in the apartment where I live now.
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When I was younger, I seen an older man ghost. He decided to show himself to me 3 different times times so I knew that it wasn't just my imagination. I remember everything about him as if it were yesterday. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. From that day on, I knew ghosts exist!

He was an older gentleman who had this sense of calm about him. The 3 times I saw him, he was walking up our stairs, then walking into my bedroom, then doing the thinking pose in front of my parents bedroom. He had a full head of salt/pepper colored hair & he was wearing a judges uniform. He was transparent & didn't have any feet, he just gently floated to wherever he was going. That was so cool to be able to see that

The most wildest thing that happened is when my TV went crazy. One day my TV kept changing the channels, the volume kept going up & down, it kept turning off & on. I even unplugged my TV & it was still happening! Awesome that it happened but it was freaky

I believe that the gentleman ghost was trying to get my attention but I was too freaked out. I still wonder who he is & if hes still at our old house To this day, I hear whispers of little children, faint music from the 20s/30s, soft touches when no ones around, items will disappear then reappear out in the open...weird stuff like that. Ghosts are fascinating, we'd love to go to haunted places!
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Many of them! I think they are family members. When my father passed away, at the wake after the funeral, I kept seeing him in my parents' house out of the corner of my eye. I would turn and .... nothing. He was dressed in a white dress shirt and dark dress slacks. And a day or two later I saw a dark form pass from the dining room into the bathroom. My mom and sister had the same experiences. I also would be driving along and suddenly be enveloped in the smell of Mennen Skin Bracer - which he wore. It would be very strong for a few seconds and then disappear. I had a psychic tell me that he is with me, looking out after me, apparently he doesn't like the fact that my BF is not the same religion and background as me! :-)

I also lost my oldest sister in a tragic and sudden way, which sometimes roots spirits in their surroundings. There were all kinds of spooky happenings around that time. I was asleep and woke up to hear the crashing of glass down in the kitchen... but I was too exhausted to get up and see what was going on. The next morning, we came down to find the coffee pot carafe was sitting on the counter, shattered. It had been washed and set IN the dish drainer - not perched on anything - set in there upside down by ifself. It was right side up on the counter NEXT to the dish drain board, like someone had picked it up and slammed it down on the counter. In my condo- I have lots of photos on top of the entertainment cabinet - there is one in particular with all of my nieces and nephews. Over the course of several weeks, sometimes I would come downstairs in the morning and the family photos were out of place! I didn't move them, didn't have a kitty jumping on the cabinet... finally, I said out loud - "hey, if you want to look at the photos, that's fine, just put them back in the same place b/c you're creeping me out." The photos stopped being displaced.

Also, I was sitting on my sofa and there was a stack of magazines on the table next to me - not on the edge or unbalanced or anything.. and suddently, they slid onto the floor, as if pushed by a hand. Flop, flop, flop.

I have dreamt many times of people in my room and I have been awakened by a shaking bed... also like someone was sitting on it and jouncing up and down... I have heard voices whisper my name in my ear - actually it was my sister's voice and my other sister had that happen the exact same night!

BTW - I am a firm believer that once our bodies are gone, that something akin to spirit/soul/psychic energy remains and sometimes doesn't move on right away.
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Yep, I've met a few here and there.

This one was just odd and its my most recent encounter.

Tucson visited me a few weeks ago. I was waiting for Quill to come into my room, felt the distinct heaviness of a cat on my bed, felt the paws going across the mattress. When I sat up to give my cuddle, there was no cat there at all, and Quill is pretty easy to see in the dark. I even said hello, thinking Quill was being a little bit more snuggly than he usually is. As I sat up, the "cat" paused and jumped off of my bed. It was SO WEIRD. But I think it was Tucson.
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I've never seen one, but I've heard one - as I just mentioned in the "Haunted House Poll."

I've seen some pretty spooky people, though!

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My oldest daughter , insists there is a ghost of an old man down stairs, she said he's isn't scary, he just walks around, her friend has also seen him they call him old Joe, I haven't old her yet but before we bought our house, there had been a small kitchen fire, the old man that lived here was burned, when his clothes caught fire. he died a few days after, We have heard so many storys about this very odd, man , when were renovating we found old wills, for him and his departed wife, letters hidden in walls, people tell us they'd rip down the walls because he was know for hiding large amounts of money.
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After I lost Rebby I had a dream I was looking out a window and Rebby was in a tree trying to jump in the window but he kept falling. But then I saw my Mom (deceased) standing in the background watching. So I guess she was just letting me know that Rebby couldn't come home but she was taking care of him for me! That made me feel much better!
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In most of the old threads I have told about the ghosts of my house. Lately I have been smelling my grandmother (moth balls, everything was stored with mothballs) and seeing my RB kitty, Shalimar. I own a tuxedo and a grey tabby. Shalimar was an red Maine Coon. She jumps up on my bed and settles against my feet, but when I look to see who it is, there is no one there. I have also seen my friend's dobie under her dining room table. The dog was pts about 2 yrs ago.

My latest encounter was during a Haunted Tour we were running this past weekend. I take my glasses off before the tour is brought in the room and place them on a ledge that slopes back toward the wall. No one goes near it after that. We finished the encounter, I went for my glasses and they were on the floor, on the other side of the room.
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oh boy...I have seen many things since I was a child. My first experience was very very young (2-3, my mom told me this). We lived in an old house and I had a "make believe friend" named Emily who I would talk to in the closet for hours on end, I would describe her as having long pretty hair and wearing a white dress but could never draw a picture of her when they would try & make me for some reason. My Mom & I ended up moving across the street with my grandma (same landlord) and they were talking past history with the land lord only to find out there was a 5 yr old little girl named Emily who died in a fire in the 1800's.
The more recent was a couple of years ago, I was actually dreaming about a ghost, I remember in the dream there was a knock on the door and I went and opened the door and saw a woman who went to hug me and when we hugged my arms went right through her, i slammed the door and ran an hid in the dream. I was so scared that I woke up and then saw this giant green glow (fog like) next to my bed. I was so freaked out, i made the bf wake up and we switched bedrooms that night.
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actually recently I think something has been following me around. I haven't felt scared but the first 2 weeks this happen I thought I must be coming up on that time (my gramma use to tell me I would get clumsy around tom but I never knowticed) things have been falling out of my hands left & right & only at home not work, tom came & went then it got worse and literally has looked like things have been flying out of my hands to the point where the bf and i suddenly thought at the same moment there is something around me and he doesn't usually pick up on these things. It's been all things that have been related to loves of mine too.
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I have alot lately and Im not enjoying it! I wish whoever/whatever it is would just go away!
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1. I saw this when I was 14 (MANY years ago! ): My parents' house was a ranch house; an l-shaped house. My bedroom was on the corner, across from the living room wing of the house, which had a large picture window. That morning was December 14th; my sis-in-law was to take us to see a Christmas thingy, but only if it didn't snow. It was 7:30 AM; my Dad was in the kitchen, doing bills at the table; Mom was asleep in the bedroom near mine. I made a glass of chocolate milk, went to the picture window, to look at the weather, and note the temperature on the outdoor thermometer. I glanced over to my bedroom window, and saw a blonde-haired woman, in a white dress, eyes downcast, holding something in the palms of her hands, and tilting her head back and forth to look at whatever was in her hands--I couldn't see it myself. BTW, I could see this very well, as the ceiling light was on in the room, and the day was overcast. This all was VERY distinct, and clear; not filmy, etc. The funny thing was, I didn't think it was a ghost! I thought it was my Mom, who was blonde, but much darker blonde, with a different hairdo. I went into my room to see what she was doing, only to not see anyone; and hear Mom snoring in the next room, obviously well asleep (I never told her about the ghost; I did, however, ask her later if she had gotten up at all--she said no.). No one else in the house could have been there--Dad had black hair, and anyway, I could hear him in the kitchen as this was happening. Our dog was black. I always hated sleeping in that room after that!

2. The boy in the field: a few months later, Easter Sunday, I took a walk in our field behind the house. I saw a boy, bending over, picking daffodils, in the neighbor's adjoining cow pasture. He looked up, saw me, and started running toward me, emitting a low whistle. I was far enough away to pretend not to see him, as I thought he was a kid I knew up the road, and didn't feel like chatting. I went back into the house. Then, I realized something odd: there were NO flowers, never mind daffodils, growing there. Yet, I saw a bunch in his left hand, and saw him picking them with his right hand.

3. The dead boy: I'm not 10% sure I saw a ghost, but I'll relate the story. Many years ago, I was in the car with Mom & Dad, who was driving. It was at dusk, and raining. As we turned the intersection, I saw a tall, thin, boy, about 17, walk across the road, and up the porch of the house on the corner. I though nothing of it, until I remembered that house had been vacant for a few years; and the hedge was overgrown, so nobody could walk through the former "gate", to walk up to the porch, like I saw. (I even drove past the next day to check.) Yet, I saw the guy walk through, and go up the porch steps to ring the doorbell. then it dawned on me: that day was April 4th. Many years before, a 17-year-old guy was shot and killed in a shootout with the police; he had allegedly molested a 3-year-old girl, and the police were on his tail. It was right in that area of the crossroads; but I don't know if he ever went to that house (which was occupied at the time). I had forgotten about it until then.

4. Gettysburg, PA. : again, may not have been a ghost; this time, though, I thought I was seeing one. It was just after midnight, July 3rd, and I was driving back to my motel in Fairfield. I was driving on a lonely patch of road, by the Peach Orchard. I saw a Confederate 1st Sgt., who seemed oblivious to my car going past, walking toward town, about a 3 mile hike. If he had come from the reenactment site, which would've been very hard for various reasons, mainly, he had no light source (no streetlights or houses), he would've had anothe couple of miles tacked on. Why couldn't he get a ride from friends, or take his car??? I had to drive past the site, which is on a corner, and saw no broken-down car, bike, or even a skateboard. I later found out that that date was the anniversary of the battle in the Peach Orchard in the Civil War.
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I've had no recent experiences.. Just 1 at my parent's house when I was maybe 9 or 10 and 1 at my grandparents' when I was around 13. Not much happened, but I'll share my stories.

One stormy night when the power was off, I was on my bed playing scrabble by myself... I was arranging my "points" (little pink round pieces). I had 8 of them. After I lined them up, I continued with the game. When I looked back there seemed to be one missing. I counted them one bye one, touching them with my finger. There was 7. I re-counted. There was still 7. I didn't think much of it so I replaced the 8th with a different one. While I did that, I heard something drop on the floor, I turned around and a good distance away from my bed there was a point on the floor. I wondered how that got there, but still contined with my game. In the corner of my eye I saw a point fall from the air right in line with my others. I counted them, there was nine. Surprised, I looked back to the floor where I had seen a point, it was gone. I was so scared I ran to my mom and told her what happened, I was too scared to go back in my room that night.

At my grandparent's my cousin and I where staying the night. We liked to play in the basement where we couldn't break anything and we were allowed to build little forts and things like that. We were talking about camping out in the basement that night and we heard a voice that seemed to be coming from a vent that said "Are you sleeping yet?". It was a mans voice and it was said clearly, but in a whisper. We both looked at eachother, startled, and ran upstairs as fast as we could. The next night we got brave and went down to the basement in the room it happened and tried to listen for the voice, but we never heard it again.
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I really enjoyed the stories in here. Any more?
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