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the movie thread.

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what movies are you looking forward to seeing ?

what movies have you seen recently that you liked ?

i don't know if there's a movie thread floating about out there, so, don't mind me

there are so many films coming out that i can't wait to see, it's such a good time for cinema.

unfortunately, it takes about 10 years for the movies i want to see to get here,
the town i am in is kinda on the smallish side

i might also add that i am, actually, a confessed movie addict.

here's my "can't wait to see" list ::

the hours
catch me if you can
far from heaven
the life of david gale.
how to lose a guy in 10 days
the matrix: reloaded !!!
talk to her
confessions of a dangerous mind
punch-drunk love
i am trying to break your heart
y tu mama
rabbit-proof fence
about schmidt
love liza

ya, that's all i can think of off the top of my head

recently i rented, lovely & amazing and the good girl and i enjoyed both.
we also (unfortunately) saw feardotcom, i didn't make it through..
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I was thinking that this site needs a movie thread. I want to see feardotcom, what was it like? Do tell!
I dont go out to the movies often but I rent a lot, the latest movies I saw were About a Boy, which I loved and Undercover Brother, which was pretty funny.
I would like to see most of the movies you mentioned and someone recommended a movie called Bend it Like Beckham and I would like to see that.
What is The Life of David Gale supposed to be about? I saw the commercials and it looks good but Im not sure of the storyline.

Blue, its nice to meet you by the way, Im a lost kiwi.
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This weekend I rented Simone with Al Pacino and Fear Dot Com.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for Al Pacino, so that is why I saw Simone. Still looking for a reall scary thriller movie and with Fear Dot Com I just couldn't get over the theme of the movie. Probably because I know someone who actually witnessed such a killing and it still going on in the internet today.

I was just to creeped out by the reality that I couldn't really enjoy the movie.

I usually wait till the movies go out on video. But I want to see the following movies at the theatre:

LOTR - Two Towers
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I'm a party-pooper when it comes to movies because I don't like most of the new ones. I like good acting and good cinematography, and there are so few actors out there that I can actually stand these days. BUT all that meanie stuff said, I did really enjoy Matrix, so I'm looking forward to Matrix Reloaded!

HOWEVER, we did just watch one of my favorite movies of all time the other night: Dr. Strangelove! And last night we couldn't sleep, so watched Jaws again in the middle of the night. What a fabulous, fabulous movie. I really think it was Spielberg's best. I never get sick of it. The direction in that flick was OUTSTANDING!!!!!!
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I agree that Jaws is outstanding, if it is scary enough to make people stay out of the water, then you have to give credit to the direction!
I loved the cinematography of Citizen Kane, its still one of my fav movies of all time.
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Movies I recently saw:
2 weeks notice
Maid in Manhattan
Just Married

Movies I still want to see:
Catch Me if You Can
Nat'l Security
LOTR-1st & 2nd
About Schmidt
25th Hour
Bowling for Columbine

there are tons more, but I can't think of them.
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Was Just Married any good Spooky? I like Ashton Kutcher, I think he is cute.
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i thought feardotcom was utterly boring and just, stupid & disturbing --

there was no plot and there was no chemistry between the two main characters, it was all very contrived and lackluster.

ah, 25th Hour, how could i forget that one (edward norton...)

i also want to see Bowling for Columbine but i will have to wait till it comes out on video.
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Kassandra, was Simone any good? And I was going to ask you Blue if Feardotcom was any good, but sounds like you didn't like it. So maybe I won't get that one. We rented movies last Saturday night....3 of them:

Signs: I REALLY liked this and it was scary in my opinion!!!!

Minority Report (with Tom cruise): I also really liked this one...have to follow it pretty close, though, but it is good!!!!!

Murder by Numbers (with Sandra Bullock): I highly recommend this one! I really liked it!!!!!!

Has anyone seen Bloodwork with Clint Eastwood, and if so, is it any good??? We almost got that one.
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I liked Bloodwork, really good, I solved it a bit too quickly but I recommend it though Debby - enjoy it!
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Thanks Kellye!!! I will get it next time!
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the life of david gale:

David Gale (Spacey) is a man who has tried hard to live by his principles, but in a bizarre twist of fate, this devoted father, popular professor and respected death penalty opponent finds himself on Death Row for the rape and murder of fellow activist Constance Harraway (Linney).
With only three days before his scheduled execution, Gale agrees to give reporter
Elizabeth "Bitsey" Bloom (Winslet) the exclusive interview she's been chasing.
But Bitsey soon realizes that this assignment is more than she bargained for,
and that a man's life is in her hands. Putting her own safety in jeopardy, she frantically races
to piece together the shocking events surrounding Constance's death, before it's too late.

With, Kevin Spacey Kate Winslet & Laura Linney (great cast)

i heart Kevin Spacey
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i really liked Signs, i remember practically gushing when i walked out of the theatre
this summer...

than it occured to me, how is it possible for aliens of an obviously more advanced culture
to come to Earth without the knowledge of our atmosphere and the % of water here?
that seemed quite ridiculous & unbelivable.

i know the movie wasn't actually about aliens, but still, i thought it was a bit weak.

i also think the fact that a devout, religious priest, could up and leave his faith so suddenly
is questionable. regardless of the loss of a spouse, it would seem he would find comfort in his faith, not abandonment of his faith ?

i also didn't like how it all came together in the end, it was a little too perfect..

i definitley don't think it was m. night shyamalan's best, i was a bit disappointed...
since i adore his work.

but it was nice to see joaquin phoenix in a new picture (cutie)
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oh -- i also can't wait to see Anger Management with Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler,
Woody Harrelson, Marisa Tomei and John Turturro.

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I saw Chicago on my computer and it was REALLY GOOD. It's a musical.
I saw The Two Towers and it was really good too.
Signs was good because you couldn't tell where the movie was going (wasn't predictable) and had a surprise ending.
I can't think of any others right now.
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I loved The Two Towers. I recently rented The Bourne Identity, which I also enjoyed. Another good one, but a little older was Frailty, starring Matthew McConaughey. He could read a grocery list for 2 hours and I would watch. If he did it with that sexy southern accent.

Blue, I Kevin Spacey, too. He's a brilliant actor, and seems highly intelligent and funny. What's not to love!
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i know !! he's wonderful

i also recently saw The Bourne Identity it was good entertainment.
Matt Damon, another cutie
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I heard chicago was a really good movie. I want to see that.

My mom saw bourne identity and said it was great. It was actually a book first. I read it a couple years ago and it was really good!

Oh and my boyfriend is making me see Biker Boyz on Friday. I have a feeling that it is going to be horrible (but maybe it will suprise me!).
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Originally posted by bren.1
I loved The Two Towers. I recently rented The Bourne Identity, which I also enjoyed. Another good one, but a little older was Frailty, starring Matthew McConaughey. He could read a grocery list for 2 hours and I would watch. If he did it with that sexy southern accent.

Blue, I Kevin Spacey, too. He's a brilliant actor, and seems highly intelligent and funny. What's not to love!
I agree with you about Matthew!!! And I LOVED Frailty!!!!!!!!!
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I loved frailty, I was surprised at the end!
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I rented Frailty last night. It was an ok film.

Why didn't anybody notice the dug up graves in The Rose Garden. What was this garden, was it a public garden? If so, aren't there maintenance staff or someone who would have noticed the newly dug graves? I was confused on that point.

Plus, they were a little off in some of the killing scenes. If you took an axe and hit someone you would be sprayed with blood, but there was no blood in the first killing.

I'm one of these people who need total reality to be shown in the scenes. If something is off, I dwell on it!

I can't sit still if I'm not totally interested in a movie. So during Frailty, I kept going to the kitchen to find something to munch on and missed a couple of scenes. Then Nakita kept wanting to play with my feet!

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I was confused about the graves in the flower beds, too. Even so, the amazing Mr. McConaughey was enough of a diversion for me.
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i felt the same way.

for the first half of the movie i was pretty engrossed, and not just because Matthew was in it but because i was intrigued...
and then -- it just lost me, it started to make less and less sense, and i was sitting there wondering what was happening.

a lot of things didn't add up or make sense or flow - though i saw it when it first came out and i can't even remember those details now, i do remember feeling :confused3 after, not to metion, ill at ease with the ending and the movie in general.

it turned out to be just not my cup of tea.

looking forward to seeing Igby Goes Down, it comes out on video soon,
did anyone see it when it was in the theatre?

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I havent seen Igby, but have you seen The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys? It has Vincent D'Onofrio - I Vincent! Actually last night I recorded The Cell, just so I can watch him.
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i Vincent too !! i haven't rented The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys yet, i just keep forgetting it's out..

is it Jodie Foster who is apart of that film as well? i love her, too.

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Yup, its Jodie Foster, shes sooo bad! her acting is great!
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we're going to watch The Banger Sisters tonight. i haven't heard really anything about it but it
seems like it should be entertaining enough, and i love Susan Sarandon.
i also like Goldie Hawn, i think she's sweet.

anyone else seen it yet?

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I haven't seen it, but was it good?

For me, some of the older movies are still the best...for anyone who wants to see a really good movie, I highly recommend "Fried Green Tomatoes"....it is one of my all time favorites!
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I love Fried Green Tomatoes too! Its great!
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I watched Sweet Home Alabama the other day, and thought that was really cute. I kind of want to see Final Destination II, but will probably wait.
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