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Well, Heidi, I had to report Kiwideus to the cat police for this very offense! Her kitty wanted to share the only comfortable seat in the room. And now your hubby and Cindy are both forbidding their kitties from doing their assigned jobs as bathroom monitors. It is written in their unwritten contracts on page 223, paragraph 10, sentence 3, that they must monitor every function in the bathroom from the brushing of teeth to the taking of showers.

I can only imagine the emotional pain these poor kitties are suffering. Is there no justice? One shower would problably be enough for Rowdy, who would then take his own kind of bath and play with his styrofoam peanuts. (which were invented to torture cat lovers.) And Ophelia and Trent would only sit on the bathroom counter and watch, as they should. TSK, TSK, (grumble, mumble, some people's children....) Heidi, just take the door off the hinges. We'll give Cindy a few days to get that shower door on....
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Jeanie - you made me laugh til I cried - you are so funny!
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My boys also despise closed bathroom doors...but, when they're ready 4 bed, they go & I have to try & sqeeze silently into THIER bed with them and not wake them, so they won't get upset at me & give dirty looks for being awakened...:-)
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Now it's my turn, MeowMan! Boy did you strike a chord! Have you found a way to make your self thinner? Letting my feet hang out in the cold and allowing the blanket to stay down around my waist keeps me out of trouble at times, but when I'm really careless, I lose my little bed buddies, who tell me all about my awkwardness as they leave in a huff! Of course, they're soon back--if and when I lie very still. Shhhhhhhhhhh! Oh, and you must have a repentant attitude, also.
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Seat stealing - as soon as I stand up there is a cat just where I have been sitting, all curled up looking as if they have been there for hours. How can I dare move a sleeping mitten? I'll just sit on the floor, in the draft, unable to see the TV, unable to get my book (as the other cat is asleep on it), as I can't disturb one of my mates.
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Yep, flimflam, I've done that exact same thing..."Fine...I'll just sit on the floor....oh damn, my smokes are WAY over there" Heavy sigh!!!

Boy, aren't we all trained little minions? Aren't cat people the funniest. And what makes it more funny is that WE ALL DO THE SAME THING! lol.
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Actually, Rowdy has had several showers. Water doesn't seem to faze her. Night before last, she got a big blob of toothpaste foam on her head. She just HAD to stick her head in the sink, as I was spitting!

She, also, likes to roll up in the bathroom rug. I have found it in the living room, on occasion. I can live with the peanuts. At least, when I step on them, they don't hurt my bare feet.
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Faile: lays on the computer keyboard, or walks back and forth on the pull out thingy it sits on. Complains loudly if I pick her up and cuddle her for too long. The other night, I was grading a bunch of papers, and she had to lay on my grade book. Somehow, I convinced her that the stack of already graded stuff was better. She obviously thought I still needed it.

Molly: chews on envelopes, now if only I could get her to chew on the bills inside. . .

Both cats used to love Dan's computer chair. That was because he insisted that they stay off of it, too much hair. Now that the chair is not an issue, they're not interested.
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I got a new futon for my bedroom on Thursday. It's black. Sock's underside is white. Now, she couldn't possibly lay on the pillows like she would if the futon were white, because then her lovely fur wouldn't contrast as well. But I can't bring myself to shoo her off, and I usually end up cuddling next to her and petting her and giving her treats.

My cat doesn't rule me... no, not at all.

What's that, Sockie? You want the bed tonight?
Okay, I'll sleep on the floor...

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As you can see from the picture in my signature, Snowball is another cat who just loves computers. He also loves to cuddle in my lap. This is what happens when I am reading threads here at TCS:

Snowball will get into my lap...

then a few minutes later he will decide he would rather lay in front of the monitor...

After ANOTHER few minutes he will decide he would rather be in my lap again after all...

After he has been back in my lap for awhile he starts acting really determined to get back to his place in front of the monitor...

He just keeps going back and forth, and right now while I'm typing this he is sleeping soooo peacefully in a nearby chair.
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hey just wanted to say how much fun this thread is! I keeep laughing, and smiling! my kitten also takes my spot on the couch as soon I get up! cats are the best!
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Silas won't let me close the bathroom door either. If i do and he's not inside, he slips his paw in the big gap under the door and waves his paw around. He's gotten my toes a couple times when I wasn't paying attention!
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My father was what most people think of as a stereotypical Englishman. He seldom showed his feelings-unless we children were in trouble. So, when another stray cat found our house, the problem was always "Let's see what Daddy says!" My mother could never resist a hungry kitty, but we had to wait to see what would happen when Daddy got home from work.

Fortunately, the cat seemed to know who ruled the roost (My father was 51 when I was born, and that generation of men made the rules.) So the first thing the newcomer would do was wind in and around Daddy's legs as soon as she met him and purr. When he sat down to read, she would jump on his lap. As stoic as my father seemed, I never saw my father move as long as there was a cat on his lap. Like the rest of us, he didn't have the heart to disturb it!
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Rowdy likes to "help" Bill, when he cooks. She jumps up on the counter and sticks her nose into everything. After being moved, a few times, she is content to sit out of the way and supervise.

Just before dinner time, Rowdy will curl up in my chair and sleep. When we're ready to eat, I move her to the sofa. She, immediately, runs over and hops up on Bill's chair. She is the most stubborn and persistent cat, that I've ever had!
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And the funniest and loved ones, I'm guessing! Rowdy, you're making life so interesting for your family!
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