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Trick or Treaters?

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Do you still get Trick or Treaters in your neighborhood?

When I was a kid EVERYONE went to each others houses, yea we wore the coats over the costumes, but still, it was a blast. Also Everything happened after 5:00 pm

However the last several years the number of trick or treaters declined in my parents neighborhood (less the 50 kids), most people go at 3:30 pm when its still daylight and maybe a handful after dark.

If we had any in our old neighborhood, I never saw them.

Also the malls took over the holiday where you could go trick or treating in your costume without a coat and get all your candy there.

I'm really curious to find out if we will have any trick or treaters next Wednesday or not. I'm buying some candy just in case, but I know when I left MI I was really disappointed to see the Holiday change.
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where I live is like Mayberry..so....
we still have tons of good ole fashion Trick o treaters and our town is having a big bash at the local school afterwards..we do t.o.t. from 6-7pm so we get some dark time in..
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I'm in the UK. The last few years, I haven't had any trick-or-treaters. We used to get quite a few when I was growing up (I was never allowed out) But my mum has even said they don't come round so much anymore.
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Not really. We're in an apartment complex and don't get any trick or treaters--even if the complex did, they never go up to the third floor.

The city we live in never does Trick or Treat night on Halloween. I refuse to give candy if it's not Halloween. Last year they picked Oct 28th. This year the 30th. It makes no sense at all to me.
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The greek system and clubs at my local university host a program for the community kids to go trick or treating in a safe environment, in the middle of campus. They always do it the Sunday on or before Halloween. Last year there was over a thousand kids there plus parents. My current neighborhood I do not have a clue about as I have just moved here. But from all the yard decorations, it looks like we might have a number show up at our house.
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Kids never come here. They wouldn't get much candy having to walk like 5 minutes in between houses.

When I used to trick or treat (the last time I went out I think I was 14), I used to stay out until like 9 or 10pm. I would basically go everywhere around my house and would end up with about 2 pillowcases full by the end of the night.
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We recently moved to this house, so Im not sure here.

At my previous neighborhood, they would have a parade down the center of the street with all the children, adults and animals all dressed in costume and then they would all come back to pick up some candy after the parade.

And a lot of kids from other areas would come to the neighborhood, too. You had to have a lot of candy.
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I never get trick or treaters and im in the UK, Im really surprised as I live in a terraced house its an ideal way they could knock on four doors at once,
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We never get them either.
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We live way out in the country, so no trick or treaters here. The parents around here usually take their kids into one of the nearby towns to go trick or treating.
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We lived in this house 12 Halloweens and have never gotten a trick or treater. Could be because we live on a steep hill in a city where there are flatter sections. Also, we have no sidewalks.
In the last house we lived in in a neighboring city we had lots of kids come. There were lots of families with kids and we had sidewalks. It was fun!
Now we just take our son to one of the other neighborhoods to trick or treat. I leave a bowl full of candy on our doorsteps. Never had one eaten yet, so I only buy candy my husband likes and I don't
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I live in Chicago, and I've never had even one trick or treater. The kids go out early, and the stores have candy, so they trick or treat at the stores and McDonalds, etc.

It used to be so much fun. Too bad it's going the way of the dinosaur.
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Not many trick or treaters in my area anymore either I am taking my daughter trick or treating but in the last few years less and less houses are handy out candy.
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I live in the country, outside a small rural town, so no trick or treaters. I *think* some kids are out after dark, but they're the "hoodlums".
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It has really changed from since I was a kid...We get about 40 kids...I keep track because my friend in NY and I compare notes she always beats us with about 70 kids!!!
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In the city I live in the tradition is to do trick or treating in the afternoon on the Sunday before Halloween. Not sure about the hours but I think it's between 1 and 4. But they do publish the schedule in the local paper.

I live in an apartment and get no bell ringers.
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I just moved to this town and was told that if I decorate the kids will come. Luckily I live right next to a school and many of the kids walk/and live near my house. I hope I get a little more than a hand full!
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"Do you still get Trick or Treaters in your neighborhood? "

only if the deer, coon, fox etc come looking for hand outs
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I live in an apartment complex and last year I didn't get any trick or treaters.
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We do, although our apartment complex prefers they do not go door to door and collect the candy from tenants and put it into goody bags and hand it out from the lobby
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I'm going out to buy a pumpkin tomorrow and see if I get any candy takers on Wednesday

I dunno, call me a nerd or on the baby brink, but I love seeing kids dress up for halloween.
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I don't "do" halloween. I live alone and am just spooked at the thought of opening my door after dark.

My sis lives in another town and she gets around 150 kids each year. She doesn't just give one piece of candy [like they did when I was a kid], but puts like 8 pieces in a baggie for each kid.
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We get between 150-200 kids. It's so crazy, I don't get a chance to use the bathroom in between kids. I love it, though. At Mom's house, the maximum we had was 5 kids. I love seeing the cute kids, most of whom are very well-mannered and sweet. I always make their treat bags special in some little way. I give 2 pieces of candy, and a small Halloween toy, like those spider rings, or, this year, strips of Halloween stickers. I bought tiny orange paper bags, punched a hole in the tops filled the bags, then tied striped, black and white ribbon through the holes, into bows. I have to start these in September. A friend just told me I'm crazy for doing the bags, but in the long run, it saves time when you have that many kids, as I can do them well in advance, a few at a time. (I don't use the standard paper treat sacks, as I find they tear too easily in storage. I use the bags, as counting out the candy at the door would be difficult on this scale. Kids actually get backed up in the driveway when I do that!)

When I first moved here, I couldn't believe what I saw--a veritable Halloween costume parade, there were so many treaters! (Alas, I also saw something not so cute--a few drunken dads, escorting their kids, with a beer bottle in hand.) Despite the drunks, it really is festive and fun. I like it so much, I even debated whether to buy my Mom's house, which has a ton more land, which I miss having. But then, I'd miss all the Halloween activity; and Halloween is my fave holiday. I always dress up for the kids, too, which they love.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
I'm going out to buy a pumpkin tomorrow and see if I get any candy takers on Wednesday

I dunno, call me a nerd or on the baby brink, but I love seeing kids dress up for halloween.

Me, too, and I don't even have kids! I LOVED Halloween as a kid; it was a blast to dress up, and walk around the streets at night--I really wasn't interested in the candy. I even used to drag my friends to visit the cemetary up the street, which freaked them!
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
"Do you still get Trick or Treaters in your neighborhood? "

only if the deer, coon, fox etc come looking for hand outs
Well, raccoons DO have masks!
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yes we get a few, the kids go out trick or treating for about an hour, then we go to the local campground, it is lined with carved lit pumpkins,done by school kids, every campsite has a bonfire, and local companies hand out candy, Tim hortons always has free hot chocloate and cookies. there is a ton of decorations and everyone wears costumes, around 8 o'clock the fireworks starts, it is a lot of fun
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I don't know what to expect this year since we moved to an apartment in September. And at the old house since I didn't get off of work until 9pm, we haven't had any the last few years. My hubby does not answer the door when I am not home. LOL We never even bought any candy. I have bought some this year though.

I remember as a kid, when we would go Trick or Treating, we would be out for a couple of hours. We would go up and down our street and also the streets on either side of our street. My dad would go with me and my friends and would have a paper grocery bag with him. Periodically, I would empty my bag into his. Everybody thought I wasn't getting as much as everyone else and would give me double! At the end of the night I would have one of those big paper grocery bags almost full of candy! I would still have candy months later!!
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Trick or treating really isn't a custom in Germany, but Halloween has caught on here over the past few decades, so we can usually expect some kids to show up. Some of the neighbors bring their little ones, because they know that, as an American, I'll have candy for them, and word gets around.
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I've been in this neighbourhood for 5 years and each year varies on number of kids. At our highest, we had 285 kids () and they started coming at 6pm and didn't finish until 9pm.

We usually average around 150 kids and our candy can't keep up with the kids. Not sure what we'll get this year!
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The past two years i've passed out candy at Colin's (where i now live). Before that in my old neighborhood where i lived with my mom- we NEVER had trick or treaters -it was way too dangerous- murders, crime, violence- you name it- no parent in their right mind would let their kiddos out after dark in my old neighborhood. When I was little- my mom wouldn't let me trick or treat in our neighborhood- she'd take me to my friends house and we'd trick or treat out there and have fun!

My new house though is a different story! Our house is literally in the backyard of our local elementary school- There are 5 other cops that live in our neighborhood aside from Colin and most of the people out here work for the city- it's a pretty safe/secure neighborhood, so the parents feel comfortable letting their kids trick or treat I love passing out candy to the kiddos and getting to see all their cute costumes! That being said though- around here- the parents are really encouraged to go with the kids to each house and not let them go alone.

A lot of the local churches have parties too and the police dpt where Colin works (not sure if they're doing it this year or not) does Trunk or Treat- where the parents take the kids to the police station parking lot and the officers put candy in the trunks of their cars and let the kids go car to car- so it's a safe alternative from going door to door

This year i'm going to my sister's house for Halloween. We're having a party and fixing up lots of yummy treats! My sisters kids wanted to have a party rather than go out (and it's safer) so she's inviting all their friends/etc and i'm gonna help! I can't wait! They're great kids
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