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cross country road trip with two kittens

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So I might be moving across the country, from the west coast all the way to the east coast. Its about a 40 hour drive and I have two 3 month old kittens that will be moving with me. Has anyone ever driven this far with kittens/cats in their car? Any suggestions as to how to keep them safe and under control, how to feed them, and what to do with their litter box? This seems so crazy to drive so far with them, perhaps there are other alternatives? I guess I will also have to find hotels that allow pets, or else I will have to sneak them in. I certainly would not keep them in my car all alone...

Any advice and stories of others' past experiences would really be appreciated.

Thank you!!
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I haven't ever been in that situation before, sorry! but there are sure to be some hotels that accept pets...if not you could sleep in the car (just joking!)
good luck with your journey!
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lol thanks!

what does everyone think of shipping pets? i dont think i like the idea, but would you ever consider it or recommend me shipping my kittens? I have absolutley no experience with this, but i've hear of it before. I would be worried of how they'd be treated.
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Hey, we picked up our kitty Ares from a breeder who lived 1000 miles away. (He was 3 months old at the time, and I think be younger can make travel easier.) As it turned out, he is an awesome and well-adjusted cat, which definetely helped, but here are a few things we did:
He wasn't freaked out by the carrier, since we sent it to the breeder months before, so that the carrier sat out was played in by Ares and his littermates. (If your kitties are not used to or not crazy about their carriers, I would recommend spraying them with Feliway, and leaving them out in a play area. Place a few favorite toys/treats in there to entice them into the carriers and to create positive associations.) You might also want to try a few short car rides with them in the carriers to get them used to it. Be sure to line the carrier with pee pads and soft blankets (and have extras in the trunk). You should also decide if you want a large carrier to place both kitties in, or 2 smaller carriers.
We also placed a disposable litter box with litter into the trunk, along with a scoop (and PLENTY of plastic bags). We stopped about every 2 hours to give him food, water, and a litterbox break. (When doing this, make sure all of the car doors are closed and the windows are shut.) We ensured he had a toy or 2 in the carrier, and rotated them out with different toys for interest. Not knowing how he would react to the trip, we purchased Rescue Remedy (which is supposed to calm cats) which can be rubbed on the ear, but he was super relaxed, so it was unecessary.
With such a long trip, you'll need to carefully plan your trip to include pet-friendly hotels. I would recommend booking in advance, as finding a hotel that takes pets can be difficult.
When you arrive at the hotel, I would take in their litter box, toys, etc up to the room, and spray some Feliway in prominent areas of the room. Then bring them up, and once you let them out of the carrier, be present to see how they react to the new surroundings. Once everyone is inside, make sure you put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, so that the hotel staff will knock before entering the room. If you go out, I would put kitties back in the carrier. Hope this helps!
Good Luck! Sending you calming vibes
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thanks for that explaination. sounds like a good idea. man stopping every few hours will really slow me down but i guess thats what ill have to do.

i am wondering if i could secure their litter box somehow inside my car and then build some sort of blockade so that they cant jump in the front of car on top of me while im driving. hahah hmm that sounds like a big project.
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