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Blossom not herself

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Last night while I was getting ready for bed, Blossom, now 13 1/2 mths old ,had a soft motion. She has had the same thing about 3 times before. I checked her bottom b/c when she's soft, it sometimes gets on her fur. I cleaned it off, then noticed some very soft poo with a small patch of mucusy blood with it on the edge of the bath.
All day today she has been very quiet, sleeping most of the time. I took her to the vet b/c I was worried. We're going away for a weeks holiday on Sunday & I wanted to make sure she's OK. My 2 adult sons will be looking after her but wouldn't notice if she was off color.
The vet said she had a rumbly tummy & a slight temp. She also asked if it was possible that Blossom got any rat poison, which she hasn't as I don't use it. Sydney's water is not the best at the moment with ghiadia possibly in it.
The vet thought she may have colitis, worms or an infection or a food alergy, even though she's been on the same food for about 10 weeks, when I changed her over to adult foods. As a kitten she had Purina One Growth & Developement & Whiskas kitten pouches. She now has a Whiskas pouch, & a mix of Purina One Adult, Optimum hairball formula & Purina Fancy Feast. The vet gave me a sample pack of Royal Canin Sensitivity Control to see if she likes it.
The vet also gave me a worm liquid (Panacur 100 Cattle) to give her for 5 days & antibiotic tablets (Metronidazole - Metrogyl 200mg) 1/4 tab. 2x a day for 7 days.
We've been home for about 2 hrs & Blossom has been in the one place sleeping since then. I can't wait til she has her usual attack of the zoomies. She missed having one this morning. I want my old feisty Blossom back.
The only times she's been like this is after her 2nd 2 vaccinations as a kitten & after one of the Revolution worm etc, applications.
She's been eating, but not with her usual relish, it took her awhile to eat it, coming back to it a few times before she finished it.
Has anyone had the same problems, used the same meds or food? What do you think? I'm so worried.
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The fact that she is eating is a good sign. Give her meds some time to work. The fever is why she is sleeping more.
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I've having problems giving Blossom her medicine. She is very hard to hold now she knows what I'm going to do. Only just managed the worm liquid. Tried putting the 1/4 tablet in a piece of chicken which she started eating until the tablet became exposed. I found my pill popper but the tablet kept falling out. My husband held her wrapped in a towel but she's very strong & wriggles, bites & scratches free. So I crush the tablet & give it to her over her Whiskas pouch fish & lock her in the bathroom for 1/2 - 1 hr. She eats some of it, so I don't think she's getting a full dose. She seems a little better but with all this pill giving she doesn't have time to be herself.
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