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Some front yard landscaping pics

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Just a couple pics of the project that was started originally end of July!!!

Had to dig out lots of perennials and roses.
Yanked out some shrubs with the tractor.
Removed the icky degraded railroad ties (the best part!!)

The paver steps went in pretty fast though there is an optical illusion that the cure slants down (its level). Had some of the rocks and went to the farm to get a few more without smashing fingers

I had dug out the poor sandy soil and replaced with a compost/manure/soil mix (about 3 yards) as we changed up the grade a bit.

Replanted with shrubs (dwarf conifers and smaller stature plants) recently bought and the perennials partiently waiting in pots. Planted a few bulbs this year. Re-mulched yesterday afternoon.

Had a beer to celebrate(ok 2 beers)

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wow, looks very good
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Oh I love that!!! What a beautiful hardscape ........ I love your decorations, too..... Great Job!!
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Very nice

I like the cat stand. That's really cute!
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Wow, great job!
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I kill any plant I touch, lol, so gave up on even houseplants years ago. I love the decorations
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How beautiful! I just love it. I can't wait till I have my own house, not a rental, and I can do all sorts of pretty things like that! Although, it wouldn't look nearly as good!
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Oh that looks great!!! Can you come do my house when we buy it!?!
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That looks great Gail!
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