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Back legs are Wobbly

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Hi there,

I'm a newbie, but I wondered if you could help..

Last Wednesday, I came home from work to find that my little cat Woody's back legs had collapsed, and she could hardly walk. She is 13..

I absolutely panicked and took her to the emergency vet, he thought that she had probably had a fall and gave her some Metacam (I think) There are no lumps and bumps and she doesn't seem to be in pain at all.

Anyway my own vet wanted to do an Xray, but found out that Woody had a heart murmur and her heart was racing and therefore decided against it, so instead did a load of bloodtests. I'm pleased to say that everything came back normal (i.e. kidneys/liver etc) but unfortunately her legs are still really wobbly. The vet has now said its probably down to old age, but I don't agree because of the speed in which this happened..

Has anyone else been through this, and do you know of anything that may help?

I am so worried about her, and I can see that she doesn't quite understand whats happening.. and she is a real outdoor cat, but now I have to keep her in.
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Since the blood tests came back good I would do the xrays now.
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That's what my kittens are going through right now! What breed are they? Mine are American Bobtails and my vet told me that since they didn't have tails they were missing a lot of nerves that help control their hind legs and mine were eating and drinking just fine too. Does the kitty have any trouble going to the bathroom? My vet said it's prob something neurological with mine due to their breed and unfortunately Maddox passed away last nite so hopefully yours will pull through and it's nothing too serious.
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I'm afraid to scare you, but weakness or sudden paralysis of the back legs is a common sign of a stroke or heart event. Did your vet consider that possibility?

Neurological problems can also be responsible.
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I just thought I would do an update, I took Woody back to the vets yesterday, but now they are saying that they want to do an X ray after all. I have to say I was terrified when they said that, as they didn't go ahead initially because of her heart.. Its happening on Monday.. I'm dreading that day
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I know how scary that can be for you and your cat - my vet sedates them before an xray and htat helps them a lot. I do hope it is nothing serious.
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