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Help Smoke inhalation

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So I have posted for vibes and I have posted for a behavior issue, now I need advise on a heath issue.

San Diego is under a fire storm. My DH and I are suffering from raw throughts, stuffy noses and everything that comes with exposure to smoke. We have all the doors and windows locked up tight but it is still in the house.

How do I know if it is effecting my baby. She doesnt seem to be sneezing or anything but I want to proect her. I figure she is low to the ground so that should help her but I also know that the particles in the smoke are toxic.

I just don't know what to do. What should I look for with her? Does anyone have any ideas on what a cat is like with exposure to forest fires?

I am just worried, for her and for us. Any ideas on how to keep her heath protected is greatly appreciated.
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I have been thinking about all our TCS members in California as I watched the horrific pictures. I hope you all come out of it safely. Cats are as you say low to the ground, and better off than us tall humans. I have been told that hanging wet towels everywhere helps to absorb bad particles and carbon monoxide, but I am not sure if that is correct. Good vibes for you all.
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I think if the cat isn't coughing at all, she's probably in good shape. And being low down is good. You could close her in whatever room of the house seems to be most airtight and smoke-free.

I've been running an air purifier. Of course it can't totally combat wildfire smoke, but it seems to help filter the air.
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Wet towels on the bottoms of the doors and even at the windows could be good for both you and the cat, it'll absorb some of the smoke seeping in... that's always the advice they give when I've sat through fire safety assemblies at our school with the kids and they give the "if you're trapped in a smoky house" speech... and maybe invest in an air purifier like the other poster said... that'll even help your symptoms...

Good vibes to you and your family...
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Smoke is everywhere in SD county.
Keep Karma as quiet as possible until it dissipates.
That goes for you and your DH too.
Stay safe.
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