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I see I have 2 pages on my welcome thread. How do I delete the replies that I've already read, and answered? I tried to delete one, and it told me I either wasn't logged in or I wasn't authorized to do so. So, what do you do, just let the pages go, & go, & go?
Thanx for any help anyone can give me,
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That just means you're already really popular! LOL You can't delete other people's posts, otherwise the boards would be chaos. We do just let the threads grow and grow. Next to the name on the thread are page numbers when they are longer than 15 posts. Just click on the last page number and you will go directly to the last page, or you can click on the "Go to first unread post" to do just that. You can click on that on the first page. Just a hint, if there are a LOT of pages on a thread (we have an Alphabet Game in the Lounge that is 20+ pages), click on the >> to go to the last page.
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Thanx Heidi, I was beginin to freak here. But it's nice to know what to do & how to do it...Thanx again, Shirley
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