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Show us your tattoos

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Ok so I have been reading posts and every one said how it would be great for a "show us your tattoo thread" but no one has started it yet so I thought I would, I have 3 so far and I am getting a matching one with my mom, and my pap memorial which I cannot decide on the art of it yet! And I cant believe I forgot, but I want my white tiger which is gonna take me a while to save for and its gonna be the most painful (lower back) And the fact I have two places I go and cant decide which one to go to for that, probably the place where I got the paw prints cause they specialize in wild animal art!

these were all taken right after it was done
my paw prints

my cherry (which I still want her to do a little more to it, and well you can see where I laughed but the one pointy part at the end, hey I am ticklish I just never knew how ticklish I was on my tummy )

And the third is on my wrist of a butterfly which I will post once I can get a good picture of it, I am still not done with this one though

They all have a meaning behind them as well

So now its your turn to show me your tat's!
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I've considered getting a tattoo, but the pain and permanency sway me off them. If I ever need a tattoo I do the "lick and stick" kind
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I've considered getting a tattoo, but the pain and permanency sway me off them. If I ever need a tattoo I do the "lick and stick" kind
See I was like that too, but then I thought hey I can handle piercings and needles and if my brother who is so afraid of getting a shot can do it (he has over 10) then I can do it same with my mother who has 2! For some reason when I go for a tattoo I am not nervous at all, not like piercings My one on my shoulder hurt in certain spots, the one on my stomach tickled until we got to my hip bone and then it hurt a tiny bit, and the one on my wrist surprisingly didnt hurt!

My tattoo artist gets a kick every time I went because when she starts I just sit there in silence she claims she never had a response like mine which is no response at all I sit there and have a conversation and make sure she everything goes well
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Cool!! I love your paw prints!! I don't have any. I'm too chicken!
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I like the cherry!
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You know, I was just thinking about starting this thread..... Then I look and you got one! You're always on top of the game aren't you!

Here is my first one, I was so nervous to come home, but my mom loved it. I'm a huge horse fan and we have four horses on our farm. This tat is on my hip/fanny.

My second:

I had so much trouble getting this picture, it's on my foot.... If the quality looks aweful thats because I had to mess with the brightness so you could see it. I will never get another tat on my foot and I dread the day it needs re-done

And my third and favorite!

This one is on my shoulder. I re-drew this tat and chose how it was colored as well.

Mine all have a meaning to me, the horse, because I am a freak about horses.

The rose and horseshoe because of horses and well shoot....I found out I'm allergic to roses so I can never have them in the same room as me, I suppose the rose is for me to always admire since I can't admire real ones.

The butterfly one is to remind me how much I have been through and how much I have changed. Yet the face represents that inside I am still me and that will never change.
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I would love to get a tattoo of a black rose on my shoulder but that would mean no blood donating for a year. I'm A+, which is the second most wanted blood type and is mostly used for blood platelet donations.
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LOL! I just posted a new thread about this before I saw this one. Here's my newest tat... done 10/18

Sorry about the size. Photobucket said it resized it but apparently not. Moderators, I apologize!
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so why is it that when i try to post an image i get a box saying that there is no such article!?
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Originally Posted by RoyalEnchntrss View Post
so why is it that when i try to post an image i get a box saying that there is no such article!?
I get that too. It started doing that about 6 months ago. If you have photobucket they have an IMG link that you can copy and paste into your message. That's the only way I can get it to work. I hope you have photobucket because I don't know how to do it otherwise
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I like your cherry too ProudKittieMom! I think that the mistakes give the tattoo charactor. No piece of artwork is perfect. There is a "mistake" like that on all three of my tattoos because I'll jump or something will happen....who knows. But I like it!
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Blah i guess ill go try that then.. I usually just host it off of my website.. it IS why I pay for it... Thanks anyway
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yaay!! haha mm yes that big picture is what you think it is...
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I'm not posting mine
Too fat, too many scars, and now I've got premenopausal acne all over my body
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This is my newest one. Its on my left shoulder. It doesn't look very good in this picture. It looks a lot better now that it is healed.

This is hard to see because its in the middle of my back and its hard to take a picture of.
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Thanks everyone for the compliments, for the cherry one I went with my SIL and well she actually had to leave the room because she kept waiting for me to scream, though on her turn she screamed and I actually got a photo of it

I cant wait to go get the next one, which I am hoping is the matching with my mom!

But I all of your tattoos everyone, they are all so great and so creative They are all just so great
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I've got 4 so far, and have a list waiting to be done, including an arm piece Here's the ones I've got now:

I got this one when I was 18 (7/2/05 to be exact. Hey, I waited 5 months after the bday!). I've always loved Chevy Camaros - since I was 7 I always said I'd own one. I've had 2 now. I'm also into cars, so it fits. Its on my lower back, and it hurt like a :censored:!

I got this one April 9, 2007 around my left ankle:

My most recent - these weren't pleasant when they got to my hip bone! I got them done two Sundays ago (10/7), and they are being filled in tomorrow. Sorry for the blurriness, it was hard to get it right taking it myself!
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I got two when I was 50 as a present to myself; having thought long and hard about when I want people to see on my corpse, let alone on my living self

I'll post the pic of Tenniel's Cheshire Cat tatt when I get my PC back. The other is on my left forearm, just below the elbow joint, in friendly lettering:says "WYSIWYG". Some people ask me if that's my last name but, for non-techies, it stands for What You See Is What You Get.

You guys have got some NICE ink!!
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well i got a few tats myself..

the lizard was my first tattoo inside right ankle...eventually made it into an anklet

the frogs on the back

the turtle on the inside

and the heart to finish it off....i have a LOVE of reptiles

this is my 2nd tattoo

this is in memory of my grandma & grandpa

and then my zodiac sign on the inside of my left wrist. Once there is a final ring around my finger the DH zodiac is going on the other wrist.

i was suppose to get my next tattoo in Nov. but due to health problems and being out of work, shortness on money i had to cancel that appt. I was suppose to get my star tattoo on the back of my neck w/a night beach scene in it. I'm dieing for more ink.
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My first.

Love birds.
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Mine are hard to take a picture of unless someone else does it. I have an ankh on my lower back, and an eye of Horus on the back of my left shoulder. Both are just your classic black colour
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This is my first one I got as a graduation present

I got this one cuz I was mad I couldn't go to the concert so this was my way of showing my love for the band.

This is my most recent one. I absolutely love this one.

I have one more but it was done by someone who was just learning so it turned out not so nice. it's a fairy laying over a crystal ball with my lil brother's name in the smoke.
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Wow! Tattoos really seem to be something you can't just get one of I'm kind of excited for the day I can get them redone, there's just something about the pain that makes you feel good. It's almost addicting! I'm waiting to get more until I have children (human children)
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WOW, that took some time & pain!
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This one I got a day before we had to put her to sleep. She was my best friend, and that was four years ago. . . I still cry till this day. . . I have others too, more pictures will follow. . .
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I designed this myself it's my kids initials (T,K & M). I also have a green celtic turtle on my left ankle.

I love tattoos the art workskill in them is amazing. you've all given me a few ideas for my 3rd n final one.
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Muttigreemom, I am impressed. That is beautiful.
I got a new one last night, but have no pics of it yet, and am unsure of how to post them. I have several that I would like to show to y'all.
The new on is the traditional hula dancer off the Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum bottle.
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here are my 3, i have a few more in the works

Here is my celtic cross.... 3 years old

here is my New York Yankees one.... 3 years old

And my frist, a celtic knot, only one of its kind. I had it done, and then the artist was killed in a car accident . Its 10 years old
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