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Favourite breeds

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What's your favourite breeds of cat?
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Well, my favorite "breed" of cat is a mixed breed... DSH/DLH/DMH. But out of those on your poll, I voted for Siamese.
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All of our cats are DSH but if we could get a purebred cat...we love Exotics, Persians, Ragdolls, Ocicats, Bengals, Maine Coons, Russian Blues, Norwegian Forest Cats...
They are all so beautiful, it'd be hard to choose
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What? No Himalayans?
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You should group them into 3-4 groups of type.

I can't vote from your list

Favs: Ocicat, Cornish Rex, Oriental SH, Siamese
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I like all of the Oriental type breeds and recently (thanks to my MIL) I'm obcessed with Sphynx.
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I love all the kitties!
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My favorite breeds weren't in the options, so i voted Siamese since Siamese are similar to Colorpoints. My favorite breeds are Turkish Angora's and Colorpoints (similar to Siamese)

That being said though, both my purebreed kitties came from rescues just like my dsh's did. I won't buy from a breeder, because there are sooo many furbabies in shelters that need good homes. (I work in a shelter, so i see sooo many animals- both purebreeds and moggies come in on a daily basis, i could never not adopt)
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You know I really like the look of Bengals so I picked that. But if I could have any cat (for a LOW price) I would get a Munchin cat. They are so cute! They are like a wenier dog, but instead a wenier cat!
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tabbies, bengals, siamese, persians, himalayans and for dogs pit bulls, rotties, labs, goldens, hounds, catahoula leopard dogs, mutts and especially shelter dogs and cats. the list goes on and on.
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I love all cats...this was hard...Russian Blue was second...but I went with Ike's breed
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I couldn't vote either because my favorite breed is Somalis
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I always fall in love mixed breed kitties but really feel that all cats are simply breathtaking.
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From that list is snowshoe.... I love all kitties,,, big and small
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Why aren't Ocicats listed????
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My favourites are Oriental Shorthair and Cornish Rex, so I didn't vote in the poll!
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No 'Gentle Giant' Maine Coons?
I honestly can't decide unless there's a Maine Coon option up there. I love Bengals, Maus and Russians but Coons are my top fav.
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All my cats have been considered DSH or DLH, I think Linus may have a bit of Russian Blue in him, and Sassy has the build of something like an Angora or Ragdoll, but couldn't say for sure.
I guess if I was going to go for a pure breed it would most likely be a Russian Blue, Ragdoll or British Shorthair. I like all three breeds quite well.
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I'm a huge fan of moggie tabbies and black cats as well! Torties are totally charming too. As for purebred kitties, I would have to say that Scottish Folds and Siamese are my faves with the adorable bobs (Pixie & Japanese) bringing up second place.
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If I'd have listed every breed the list would have been endless.
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My favorite is the Burmese!
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Same here I love all cats but voted for american shorthair, thats what shadow is,david is a longhair
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Bengal, although I do like Russian Blues too
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No Maine Coon??? That's my fave!
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My favorite are mixed breed too. All my babies are DSH. I voted for bengal though. They are pretty. I like hymalayan (used to have a fire point) and ragdolls too.
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My favorite breed is the Sphynx. But out of that list I picked the Russian Blue.
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Originally Posted by Sadie's Mom View Post
Why aren't Ocicats listed????
Oci's are my favourite breed, obviously

From your list, BSH.
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No Abys either so, can't vote sorry!

But from your list - Burms - E Burms to be specific
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Well my favourite breed is the Somali, which isn't there Neither are many of the other breeds I'm very fond of (Siberian, Maine Coon to name 2). But if you're asking which of the breeds you've listed is my favourite, I'd probably say Balinese.
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My top 3 cat breeds

1) Russian Blue
2) Egyptian Mau
3) Bengal
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