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Anyone watching American Idol this time around?

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It totally cracks me up how some people just don't get that they can't sing! That one contestant who took the challenge to find someone who could sing worse than he could and failed in the quest.

It was nice to see that this time they advanced people who actually had talent, even if they didn't have the perfect body to go along with it. I am looking forward to tonight's episode- some of those auditions made my cats run from the room!
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I can't watch tonight's episode as I am stuck up in my room studying for my exams. But I did catch it last night, and it was scary! That one guy that thought there was no way he could lose, that was hilarious.
"Do you think you can be the next American Idol?"
"I know so."

Anyway, tell me what happens study break is almost over.
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Oh crap.....didn't realize it was on tonight! I did watch last nights episode, though!!! OMG!!!!! Some of them just hurt my ears!!!!
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I saw it and laughed at the guys challenge to find a worse singer than him. I think its sad how people strive for fame like that!

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This is the first time I watch this. It is HILARIOUS!!!!! The auditions are on and I can't believe some of these people! I mean, come they not have friends who could have been kind enough to spare them the embarassement and told them they were awful???????

I love the comments from the judges. I know 2 out 3.
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I watched it last night and it's on in the other room right now. I cannot beleive some of these people actually think they have talent! They can't carry a tune to save their life!! LOL I have to say, I did feel bad for the people who were in all the commercials. Can you imagine the ridicule they get on the streets??

I understand people like that auditioning the first time, but this time everyone knows how mean Simon can be. Why would you subject yourself to that for 15 seconds on TV when you can't sing?
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I watched the show last night (Tues.) FUNNY!!!
I was out tonight at the Moroso drag strip and didn't get to see it
Was it good? Was tonight the first night they had the real competition? I love reality shows! Let me know what happened

Survivor starts in mid-February-YAY!!!

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It was beyond funny tonight! One gal who couldn't really sing very well badgered her way to Hollywood- that was interesting. I just feel sorry for the judges- their ears must be numb! LOL
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I keep missing it! I have no idea what time it's on and what channel. I never saw the potential singers last year either. Only the final competition.
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I have been watching it religiously! On last nights episode they had a French guy trying to sing Elvis! It was so funny because he couldn't get the words right! "Love me tender, love me long...."
ROTFL! I have never laughed so hard!Some people should not sing! I can't believe how people can be so tone deaf! I felt really bad for the woman whose mother wasn't supporting her. She had a really decent voice. She just needs some coaching.I also felt bad for the boxing lady. She can sing but she chose the wrong song. She should have been singing Janis Joplin. Her voice is deeper. She was just trying to sing out of her range.
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I loved last night's boxer - a woman from Detroit. Boy she couldn't sing, but I loved her attitude. I watch Bachorlette and tape American Idol. They will soon be doing a Canadian Idol, but you probably won't get it in the USA. Next week is still auditions for 1 more show then they go to Hollywood for the next round to narrow it down to 30 contestants.
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What about that one dude who didn't even know the words to the National Anthem! LOL "Oh say does that star bangled deligggggggggggggght yet say"
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Everyone should know their own country's anthem! I even know mine in English and in French, plus I know the American anthem word for word!
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I have been following it. Some of them were just embarrassing. It was like 2:00 a.m. at the karaoke bar, and everyone thinks they are Elvis or Patsy Cline.
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Whew!!! I'm glad I saw this thread. I just posted in the "Reality Shows" thread about American Idol, hoping that I wasn't alone in my obsession with this show. I'm so embarrassed to even say I like it, all of my friends think I'm nuts. But the first two shows have been hysterical! I was laughing so hard last night. I think they definitely let some of these people in just for the comedy and drama, not because they thought they sang well in their first auditions.

Actually the sister of a really good friend of mine auditioned in LA (the segment that was on last night). She was one of 9,000 people that showed up at the Rose Bowl, and after letting the first 1,000 or so in, they were running out of time so the judges (not Simon, Randy and Paula, but others who do the judging in the very preliminary rounds) ended up walking down the line outside in the parking lot and just picking random people and asking them to sing right there. Then if you were lucky you'd get a wristband and were asked to show up the next day at that hotel they showed on the episode. She got a band but then didn't pass the next part, they said she had a good voice but didn't interact enough with them.

I can't wait for next week!
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I watched the first round...I think it was Tuesday night, but didn't realize it was on again wednesday, so I missed that one....geesh, I just love Simon's comments!!! When is the actual scheduled night for this? Tues or Wed? I missed one already, hate to miss another!!!!!

I liked the girl, I am sure noone else will remember what I am talking about, from the first night, who sang that song...oh crap, what was that song...very low and whispery, and VERY good, and they told her she was going to Hollywood, but that she needed a different style, and she said, oh yes, I have another style...but I wish I could remember the song she sang, low and breathy, and BEAUTIFUL!!!! Does anyone know what I am talking about????? They also told her that her theatrics (sp?) had to go....I think the song she sang was something about fever all through the night....she sounded GREAT!!!!!!!!
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I know who you mean Debby!! I loved her! She did that Fever song fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing her and a few others who I thought had really good voices sing again.

The show will be on each week on Tuesday AND Wednesday! So two nights to remember to watch. At least that's how last season was, and I know next week is both nights, so I think every week will be. They sing on the first night and then eliminate some of the people on the second night.
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Thanks Sunni! I will try to catch it then on those nights!
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oh, isn't it just the epitome of bad t.v. ?! i love it !

i can't believe the things people will do just to be on t.v., even under such humiliating circumstances.
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