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Just because

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Just because I haven't posted pictures in quite a while.

It's been nearly 5 months, and Freeway has gotten more nimble, strong, and HUGE! But if you want to pick on him, you still have to go through Peanut Butterum first

Looking after Freeway has made a world of change in Peanut. She is more outgoing, confident, and not shy to make a stand. And if she spots Freeway running from another cat, she will come thundering out from where ever she is, completely ready to whip somebody!

And, Freeway's education is continuing, with him showing great promise....

"When the little hand points at the stacked up "o's", and the big hand points straight's time for supper"

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They are a great crew. You definitely need to post more pics of them.
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at those precious babies looking at the clock

I cannot get over how much that tiny little baby has grown I wish to goodness they would stay little babies just a little bit longer Hes a handsome boy though and his caretaker is beautiful too.
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I must say...I am thoroughly jealous of your monitor set up!
That's a huge monitor!!! And the verticle monitor is pretty sweet!
O...and the cats are cute too!
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Mike, I swear your cats are the luckiest cats on earth, your house is a cat funhouse
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Little Freeway's growing up! Time just flew!
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They're adorable! Freeway is getting so big! And it's nice to hear that his adopted momma is still taking good care of him

If there is such a thing as reincarnation I want to come back as a cat living in your home! Your kits have it made in the shade!
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cute! great monitors too!
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Great pictures! They are all adorable!!
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awww bless!

They are all so beautiful.

I can't believe how big Freeway is. And he is so beautiful - would you mind shipping him over to New Zealand?
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That lil Freeway sure is a character, and a sweet one on top of that!!
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Awwww, they are too cute
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that opicture is adorable with them looking at the tv!
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