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Trap Mis-fired - chances of trapping same kitten, again?

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If I've posted this to the wrong section please let me know.

My trap sprung too early, my fault as the ground was not even but it's a very difficult location, and tried to make things as even as possible.

I had this kitten (about 18 weeks old) to the point where it trusted me enough to eat right beside me, so I when I put the trap out the next day it didn't hesitate very much about going in. But the trap was off balance, so it's first step triggered it, and the kitten took off.

no amount of coaxing could get it to go back in, and the worst part is when I left some food out before leaving, if I came within 5 feet of the kitten, it would take off so it looks my trust was blown, too.

My question is will the kitten trust me enough again to go into the trap? would a week of regular feeding make it less hesitant?
I was just using the regular food I feed it, so would tuna next time be an incentive to overcome it's fear?

It's starting to get wet and cold, here, and really want to get this little one inside asap.

I've read how emotionally draining the process is - and being so close and then so far, again, it really rang true for me, tonight.
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Is it a two door trap? If so, take off the rear door and fix plexi glass to where the door is. You can drill small holes into the plexiglass and use thin wire to wrap around the actual trap. This "tricks" the cat into thinking there is escape. If you don't have a two-door trap, you can set a small section of mirror at the end of the trap facing the front door (behind the trigger) The kitten will "see" another kitten in the trap and go in to investigate, once he gets over the trigger, the trap should set. Make sure the mirror is big enough to fit within the framework of the trap, so the kitten has a clear view of it. If it is on uneven ground, push leaves or tree limbs under it to level it out- pad the inside of the trap with fallen leaves then sprinkle some clay litter on top of that.
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It's a one door trap.
Great mirror idea!
Yes, I tried to level it with things available, but next time I'll take something soft to pad and absorb any movement, so any movement won't jar and set off the trap.
Thanks for the info!!
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Leave the trap out there closed up so the kitten thinks its just part of the environment for a couple of days. Move the food bowl closer and closer to the trap during that time. Then open up the trap and tie a strap on the trap door to hold it open for a few days and feed inside the trap. Once fully adjusted to going in and out, set it for real.

Good luck! I've had cats repeated go into traps (already spayed) so not all are driven away from them after their first experience.
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There's a very good chance the cat will go back in the trap. It just may take a few more tries. Momofmany's idea is excellent!
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Thank you All for your advice, and I'm really sure the mirror helped!! Trapped the female kitten (knew she was a she!), this weekend. Covered the trap with mirror, put tuna inside, a litte bit outside the trap, and a drizzle of tuna juice up to the trap.
She's staying at the vet until her spay, and doing well according to vet and staff - and then I'll try to socialize rather than tnr - as in another post I have two of her littermates, so hope they'll help in the socialization. She's 5 months, but got littermates (boy and girl) at 8 weeks so they socialized quickly (the boy who is so friendly socialized in about 10 minutes but it took his sister just under two weeks).
Still one more, but wanted to let you all know how it turned out!
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That's great news! Good job!
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