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Going to be a GREAT AUNT!!!!!! WOAH! I’m 29 and going to be a GREAT AUNT! LOL! I’ve been an Aunt since the Age of 5… My Nephew is 25… so I figured it would happen soon enough… but… now that its happened… its weird… LOL!

I’m a GREAT!
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Awwww YAY
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Congratulations I was made a great aunt 5 weeks ago to Millie
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Congratulations...and boy, that would seem weird!
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Congrats! Being an Aunt is great! So being a Great Aunt is probably better. LOL
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Many Congratulations on becoming a great Aunt! Thats great news
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Wow! Congrats!
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Wow that is a young great aunt Congratulations!!!
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Hey that's great news!!! Soooo exciting!!!
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You ARE great!!

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How exciting!!!
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Awww congrats!!! You're going to love being a great aunt!!! I have two beautiful little great nieces, Kaitlynn & Alexandrea (my oldest niece is only about 11 months younger than me). Oh yea- my niece made me a great aunt when i was 18
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