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3 yr old cat starting to "knead" me!

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Ok, so I have always heard that cats that knead were ones that were taken too early from their mommas, but she has NEVER kneaded before last week. And the only time she kneads is early morning whe she decides to give me luvvins. Ok, I can handle that because it is my shoulder, side, etc. BUT this morning she was kneading my chin/double chin (blushing), and her claws were sort of coming out, so it HURT and I was afraid I would have scratch marks on my face so I had to stop her.

The weird thing is that our other cat who is getting neutered tuesday(On my wedding anniversary! lol dh is asking me to change the appt! lol) is kneading too- was kneading before she started (with dd11), but now on me as well, and he is our other cats SON. So, if the rule is true......

But I just have to say, we got these cats July 2, and they were shy, scared, not loving at all, and now we have 2 very wonderful pets that will let anyone pick them up, carry them around, and every where I walk during the morning after the kids leave for school, they follow and lay in front of me for pets. Oreo one day was meewing for me, so I followed her to the front door. She wanted me to open it so she and Merlin could play/lay in the sunshine! lol as was my habit! lol

anyway, time to get kids off to school!
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Kneading is a throwback to nursing on mom - its a "happy/contented" sign - not a sign they were taken from mom too soon.

Guess it just took awhile for your cats to become very happy and contented with your family
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Two of my three kitties do it (lily, the third, is not much of a lap cat so doesn't) and none of them were taken from Mom too soon. They were all about 12 weeks or older when they left home. I love it when they do this, but when it's on the face, I do have to move them as I don't want scratches either
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It sounds like they are really opening up to you and letting you know that you are indeed their mommy. So you have made them very happy

I have a few fosters that like to knead me on my face and hair. I move them to a fleece or other soft blanket that feels like their mom cat's stomach LOL.
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I think it is funny how people call it different things. We call it "Pushing" here. hehe
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It's interesting that your cat started up with kneading at 3, but I've definitely seen cats that were with their mom long enough still enjoy an occasional knead.

Our female cat only needs in the cooler months. Never in the summer. We adopted her at just under a year old and the person surrendering her said she was born at home, so I'm guessing she wasn't taken from her mom too young, but I don't know for sure.

And actually, we just caught our ~1 y/o male kneading last night! He was a semi-feral rescued by a group when he was fairly young, but I'm not quite sure of the age that he was taken from his mom.
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Athos, my mom's cat, 'kneads' like mad! He's such a cutie but man his claws huuuuuuurt! I always wind up tolerating it when it's on my legs because I think it's kind of sweet but kneading your face & chin is definitely cause to move him.

It's a nice comfort gesture, generally. We call it 'making biscuits'.
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Awww, isn't it nice to know you're kneaded!?!?

In "The Fur Person" (A Wonderful book), they called it "starfish paws", a phrase that I just love!! We call it star-paws in our house, it's such a sweet gesture, though it can get old when it's on bare skin...
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awe how sweet... its actually a 'good' sign. They are 'happy' kitties, Meowmy
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Definitely happy/contented...it is a good thing - congrats!
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George usually kneads me every morning to try to wake me up (he lays on my stomache/chest and kneads my neck and hair) Yesterday I had a migrain and spent much of the day in bed - several times through out the day George made sure I was doing okay (laying next to me this time) and kneaded my cheek. He hated that his "mom" wasn't feeling well
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My friend Sylvia calls it making biscutsdavid doesnt make biscuts yet but shadow doesDonna
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I had to pull this thread up and ask a question.

Is it normal for a cat to "make biscuits" excessively? I'm talking 15 minutes at a time, when I'm trying to sleep! I'll say, "Bella - enough biscuits!", but she just keeps going. I've also noticed it's always on my "soft" (problem) areas, like my tummy or butt.

She's done this from day one.
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When it comes to cats it's hard to tell what's "normal"
My Gracie does the same thing every night for at least 15 minutes to a half hour.
Always on the inside of my upper arm...kind of tells like I'm getting a tattoo every night
She's done that from the time she was a baby and she's 8 years old.

Elliott...who's almost 3 does it as well, but only for about 5 or so minutes then he's done.
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George kneads for about 5 minutes (but some nights seem like an eternity especially when he wakes me from a sound sleep!!) - some nights he gets in 2 or 3 sessions. No wonder why I'm so tired in the morning!
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I sometimes get "kneaded " too...
my little boy comes near me and starts kneading...of course its my mink blanket that he likes..so...
he comes by and kneads the blanket....
of course sometimes its on me.lol
my little girl likes to knead that blanket too
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Out of our "Baker Boys", the smallest one is a devoted morning/evening baker. He will easily have up to 15-20 min sessions when he will just knead us, occasionally drifting into air-baking as he nearly snoozes off. He also prefers to be in position where he can occasionally give a long glassy gaze into my eyes. Or maybe stop long enough for couple of kisses.

From the other two, one is primarily a blankie baker, and our newest big baby just started baking a week ago. He is very tentative still but seems to like the neck area, and does it in the morning when he is very happy and wants you to wake up.

All three boys have been soft-pawers from start and keep claws in when they bake, so we have been lucky.
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Originally Posted by piikki View Post
From the other two, one is primarily a blankie baker...
Blankie baker! I love that term, Piikki.

Niko usually only kneads "his" blanket (which I crocheted for myself and he claimed), but he'll knead me when I've come back from a trip (having left him w/ mom), I'm upset, or if I'm sick. I think it's the sweetest thing that he's trying to comfort me when I'm not feeling so hot. :
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My cat did not start kneading on me until about 4 months ago. Now he does it the minute I lay down the couch every night. He particularly likes my "jelly belly." When he finished he lays down and sometimes gets a little sassy with me (biting). Is he overly stimulated from the kneading?
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