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Bengals! **cuteness warning**

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Now I went this last weekend up to visit Nikita's breeder. I did a few things while there. First of all I took lots and lots of photos. I also found pictures of Nikita as a tiny wee kitten.

I also lost my bag on the way back which contained my camera and almost all my photos. There is still hope I'll get it back though, but there might be a good while before I have any new photos.

Anyway here are a few photos I still had on my memory card. The kittens were adorable and the cats gorgeous. I had an absolutely fantastic weekend.

A female bengal kitten:

Here's Blizzard, a young snow bengal stud

and here's Nikita's dad:

Nikita is actually bigger than her dad! I was surprised. Apparently her mother was a big cat too, I didn't see her though because she has been retired from breeding.

And here's Nikita as a tiny little baby kitten. I was looking through tons of kitten photos and Nikita's jumped out at me immediately. I hadn't realised just how familiar I am with her exact spotting pattern.


I would have LOTS more kitten and bengal photos to show you if I hadn't lost my bag. If it turns up I'll of course share some more.
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the cats are wonderful!
here's hoping you find you bag as soon as possible with everything in it.
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Awwwww how cute are they!!!
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Beautiful kitties. I hope you find your camera.
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Aww, they're adorable!!!
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Aww... look at itty bitty Nakita. It's funny, I see other black cats and how much they look like Wickett but I'm still sure that placed side by side I could pick him out in a second.
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They are ADORABLE Awwwwww
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Gorgeous kitties

I really hope your bag turns up.
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Thank you for sharing!

& the kitten photos of Nikita are great!
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Wow! I see a lot of Nakita in her Dad!

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Aww, just look at those itty-bitties! Bengal kittens have got to be some of the the cutest I've seen!

Hopefully your bag will turn up soon.
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Wow, Nikita looks so much like her dad!!!!

Sorry you lost your bag with your camera - I hope it turns up soon
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Nikita resembles her dad soooooo much. What great pics. That first little girl

I hope they retrieve all your belongings soon.
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What adorable babies!!!
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Thanks for those wonderful pictures! I do hope that you get your bag back.. I can't believe how TINY Nikita once was!
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Ahhhh I want a Bengal sooo bad!!! my BFs gonna have to get a bigger house since i have my two and he has two and I want another one! haha
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The pictures are amazing as always!
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OMG they are adorable! Nikita was an adorable kitty and she's gorgeous now!
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They are absolutely gorgeous!
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Gorgeous photos!

I hope you get your camera back soon!
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I hope you find your camera before Nikita does! I'm a big Bengal fan and your kittens are adorable.
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GORGEOUS subjects! I've wanted a Bengal since a client came to my job with a pair 3 years ago. That kitty could be on a cover!
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