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I don't know what happened here.

I fed the kittens at about 10pm last night, and then had to go to work. I made sure my sister set her alarm to feed them sometime during the night.. and I'd be back at 7:30am to feed them again.

Sometime in between the time my sister fed them (around 2-3) and 7:30.. one of the kittens had climbed out of the playpen and I am assuming, dropped to the floor.

I found him laying on his side..breathing normally.. heart rate seems normal. But was not reacting to anything. It was like he was dead but wasn't. I touched near his eye, and no reaction.. and pinched his toes with no pain reaction.
I even tried the bottle but he didn't react to it at all.

So I took him with me to the rescue this morning and showed the owner.. she said she thinks he broke his back or something and that he was going to die... but she WOULDN'T take him to the vet!!

I was flaming mad... but I had 3+ hours of cleaning to do.. so I put him in with a nursing mom we have, just until I could finish cleaning and then figure something out.
By the time I was done cleaning, and went back to get him.. he was running ( sorta stumbling) around!
He is now back at home with me.. at my feet, biting my toes.. scurrying around.

What could have happened here? I swear I thought he was going to die..
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i dont know what hapend , but im so glad he seems to be ok now.
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Perhaps he was unconcious? I don't know what was wrong but I'm glad he's ok.
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Whew! I wanted to read, but was afraid to, but did anyway and I am very glad to hear that this little critter is back to life! Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Could he have pinched a nerve in his back? Rendering him unable to move & it unpinched or something?
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He's sleeping on m y chest now.

I'm still worried about him because he is still a little unstable on his feet. He was wobbly before.. beng only a few weeks old.. but this is different.

But he took his bottle and wanted it.

He'll be staying seperate from his siblings for now just to be sure they don't fight too rough with him and make somethis worse.

But he is doing a lot better.
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It is possible in the fall he suffered brain damage. If that is the case, the wobbliness might never go away. How old is he?
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He could have been hypothermic. If he is just a tiny bottle baby they get chilled very quickly and will act comatose when too cold. warm them up, and they are normal as can be.

A big knock on the head could have made him unconscious as well. Being young he will hopefully grow out of it.

Keeping a close eye on him is all you can do for now. for continued recovery.
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He is 4 weeks old today.

We took a nap together on the couch. He slept with me until the phone rang and I disturbed him.

He kept crying after that (I wanted to go back to sleep!!) and so I tried feeding him, he didn't want that.. so I put him in the litterbox while I went to grab a cloth, and he pooped in the box! Good boy. I then stimulated him to pee.

He looks to be almost normal now other than he is still a little wobbly.
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Perhaps a concusion from the fall? That could account for the dazed look and lack of response. And for the somewhat rapid improvement.

How far was the fall?

You are doing the right things in feeding him, keeping him safe and separate from the others. I probably would stil want a vet check, but that's just me.
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I want a vet check too.

He seems to be normal today. He's back with his siblings now.
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