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I have LESS than 6 weeks to help a cat put on weight and grow some semblance of a decent show coat!

It of course doesn't help that she's a very fussy eater does it??? Nor does it help that she's just turning 12 months and is experiencing her first few heats???

Any ideas???

Put on weight and coat vibes much appreciated!
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Weight and coat vibes

The weight is not as much as a problem - the coat - that's Mother Nature's problem. How hot is it over there? That might affect the growth.

And if you have to - stuff her full of chicken!
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I have no experience showing cats, but if you need vibes, I'm sending them! Lots and lots of luck!
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I am trying to get weight on Kingston also. It doesn't help that he has gum problems. I was told feed him cooked steak as treats and feed lots of Fancy Feast. Time for me to do a weight check. We will see if that has worked this last month or not.
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Well, I went to vet this morning - told him that she needs at least 200grams. The silly feamle grew an inch all over (ok I'm exaggerating but it really does look like it).

So we are trying out B complex vits to improve eating habits, and B Complex also helps with the coat. If all else fails she'll go on a major A/D diet as a last resort.

She doesn't like beef OR Chicken, only fish! Aaaarrrrggggghhhh!

Plus, she's starting the "cold, dark room" treatment to get her off the heat cycles and hopefully the cold will help her improve the coat.

She only needs 26 points to GC!

BTW, I'm talking about the Maine Coon I'm showing for a friend....
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