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Wylie's trip to the vet

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The trip to the vet to drop Wylie off for neurtering wasn't as bad as I anticipated. He did pretty good. He cryed for a few minutes and then was quite, so quite I got worried. When I got in the parking lot and looked in the pet carrier he was hiding under the towel I had put in for him to lay on. Guess he thought if he was quite I forget he was there. Anyway I took him in and signed all the paperwork and managed to leave without shedding a tear. I called at about 3:30 today to check on him, he was just waking up after the surgery and doing well. I have to call in the morning to check on him and make sure he is doing well enough to be picked up. The other cats, Cruella and Lianna, miss him. They keep looking at me like I'm evil. They are probably wondering where he is, and if they are going next. I missed him not being at the door to great me and his constant chattering but he'll be back tommorrow and I can't wait to have him back so I can spoil him some more.
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I'm glad it went well and I hope he's back home soon enough. Expect some hissing and fighting - the other cats won't necessarily recognize him with the smell of the clinic all over him.
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Bookitty; I know how anxious you will be until little Wylie comes home. I have been thru this almost 100 times I am sure and I still get anxious until one of my babies is back home. Remember what Anne said; he and the other two will be different for a few days, but that will pass. Best of luck coping til then.
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Just think of it this way Bookitty, he may look at you as "evil" for a couple days, but in the long run you're probably adding years to his life by doing this, so I think it's a fair trade. I'm sure everything will be just fine. I too have gone through this too many times to count and it really is a simple and necessary procedure.
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Wylie is home now. There was a lot of smelling going on between Cruella, Lianna, and Wylie but no hissing or anything like that. He is doing good and already talking to me again.
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Oh Boo.....I am so glad wylie is doing okay....I have to take Merlin in to be neutered (sp?) soon.... and I am so dreading it....poor baby...he trusts me...what am I supposed to say? " Its because I love you so much that I am going to have your balls cut off" ?
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So glad to hear that everything went well with Wylie.

I can almost hear him talking to you from here!!
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Happy Homecoming, Wylie!!!!

We are all happy everything is okay, and you will have a long, healthy life. . . . . . .
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