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Very good thread idea!!

Spot and Poops requested a hearty helping of 9 Lives Sliced Chicken and Liver in gravy.
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Originally Posted by LitterBoxQueen View Post
And why is that? I see it as no different from any other raw meat.
the FAT of PORK IS totally INDIGESTABLE and the PARASITE levals are high including a worm that can be tranmitted to other animals ( including humans) ... PLUS 90% of pork at the grocer has been treated with various preserving agents like nitrates and nitrites... Youll find 90-95% of Raw diets saying NO PORK or FISH... JUST TOO RISKY
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So I know Im a little behind but oh well
Munchkin gets raw that Ive made for him, which is ground up chicken with liver and all that good stuff.
The rest of my gang get a mix of Purina UTI health and Chicken Soup light dry food...that reminds me, I need to switch back to regular instead of light food for the winter! And my dog gets Eagle Pack Holistic
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Our local supplier of raw has medallions that have a significant amount of pork in them he is usually quite knowledgeable about raw feeding and has never mentioned it, do you have more info?
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
Our local supplier of raw has medallions that have a significant amount of pork in them he is usually quite knowledgeable about raw feeding and has never mentioned it, do you have more info?
Yeah somewhere I have the why no pork ...

In all the disiplines I have read only oriental medicine allows pork and that evan states COOK to INTERNAL temp of 160 ... I ask multiple vets ( ie conventional , mixed and holistic and all SAID NO to pork unless THROUGHLY cooked and evan then it wasnt recommended

Quick reading and google yielded this
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Hmm, I'll have to take a look at those websites. But, I have been feedig raw for years and never had a problem as well. As well, I am a part of a very knowledgable and experienced raw "group" and they feed raw pork regularly. I will look into the websites, however.

Today, the kittes got various duck pieces. What a treat!
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Today for breakfast Felidae dry, for lunch EVO wet, and for dinner there will be a little more Felidae dry.
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Tonight the kitties got sardines with a side of Abady canned green tripe. Not their usual fare, but the fridge is EMPTY!
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Today Jasmine had Merrick's Grammy's Pot Pie canned for both lunch and dinner. She loves it! Yesterday she had Turkducken and tomorrow she'll probably have Southern Delight.
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Originally Posted by LitterBoxQueen View Post
And why is that? I see it as no different from any other raw meat.
Cats can get Aujeszky's Disease/Pseudorabies from eating raw pork:
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Today was canned food, because mom was very busy and didn't have to prepare or defrost any meats! So it was Eagle Pack Holistic Select Chicken & Lamb for us.
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This morning Riley had canned N.V. Instinct Lamb but he didn't eat it He had the same thing for his 2 meals yesterday and loved it. Maybe twice in a row is his limit?
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Mine eats the same thing everyday... Felidae Cat & Kitten, and I also give him some medi-treats every night. I'd like for him to eat half wet/half dry, but he just refuses to eat any kind of wet food.
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Breakfast was Pro Plan Salmon & Rice (5.5oz can split)
Dry: The kibble mix--Pro Plan 11+, Nutro Max adult, Nutro Max Senior
Afternoon Snack: Probably FF Loaf in some flavor (1 can split)
Before Bed: 2 Meow Mix pouches.
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When I came home for lunch Sash had Chicken and Liver Pate Natural Balance, he's really starting to like some of the chicken flavors, yesterday he enjoyed Wellness Chicken and Herring canned and the other day he demolished a 3oz can of Chicken and Liver Pro Plan, which he doesn't get too often. Overnight he had his Eagle Pack dry and later today he'll have some more Chicken and Liver Pate canned and some more Eagle Pack dry.

He loved the Purina Naturals but I had to take it away because it didn't agree with his tummy.
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This morning they had an "organ feast." They got a nice bowl full of chicken gizzards, beef heart and beef liver.

Myrtle doesn't seem to appreciate organ meals! Smidgen is pretty picky with them too, he only seems to snack at the chicken gizzards a bit. The only way I can get organs into them is with pre made stuff, that already has organs ground in it.

Supper will assorted goat pieces! We'll see how that goes over.
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Purina one chicken dry for the kittens very early (and not too much!) just to get them off my back until real breakfast is served. Their foster mom fed them this and I'm weaning them off of it right now.
Bea got a smidge of Friskies for indoor kitty and then they all had regular breakfast time together which consisted of NV raw chicken medallions for the kittens and left over pro plan chicken and liver wet for Bea.

tonight? the kittens will have the raw medallions again and Bea will feast on evolove chicken formula wet.

bon apetit!
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The goat went okay. Some cats were quiet unsure of it though! hehe

Today is just plain old chicken necks and ground beef.
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Chase had a can of Wellness Chicken & Herring today.. and actually ate it! Both times (he got half at a time)! I nearly fell over from shock. That's the most he's eaten without being bribed with junk food in weeks.
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Gah I put a post to another topic in here!

Oh well *Puts it in the right place* lol
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Breakfast was ZiwiPeak Lamb canned. What a treat! I rarely feed ZiwiPeak because it's soo expensive!

Supper was Bravo! ground buffalo and chicken wings.
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Breakfast was FF Chicken Florentine for Raven and Nabu. Friskies Seared Turkey filet for Stimpy.

Had their usual Kibble for snacks today.

Dinner will be FF Medleys for Raven I think. He's feeling poorly and off his food today. Nabu and Stimpy will get a loaf style.

Before Bed will be Sardines and Mackeral in Aspic of some brand and a Meow Mix pouch. I was out of the fish in aspic last night and Raven barely ate. His tumor has expanded visibly and you can feel where it's expanding down the one side of his spine. Lately I've been buying whatever he will eat.
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when it comes to food its very boring here. I have a big bowl that both Kricket and Worm have learned to share out of and since Worm prefers adult food to his kitten food i've been feeding both of them Nutro N.C. Indoor formula.They free feed but between the both of them they get like a cup and 1/2. I give them a can of Nutro every other day but i may have to give in Worm loves the canned food and he walks around screaming for it all day long if i dont give it.

I did try the Evo with them and even after a slow switch i was having cow patties in the litter box. I had to change them both back to the Nutro, they like their grain food.
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