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conversion of the spousal unit

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when we first got our cat, my husband treated her like a small animal. he slowly came to understand the depth and breadth of her feelings and intuitive abilities. He even admitted once that she gave him a "dirty look" and could send love beams with her eyes.

Last night while she was talking to him in his dressing room, I heard him very softly talk back. Conversion complete !!!
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Tell me how you did that!! My husband treats Layla like she is invisible most of the time, but I have caught him playing with her with her laser pointer and giving her treats, and sleeping with her when he doesn't think I'll see it
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That's great! DH wasn't a cat lover when we first got our girls. He's allergic but his Mom did have a cat when he lived at home, he just kept some distance. We adopted our girls a week before he went away for 4 months, but it didn't take long after he got back for them to bond. Mooch would come sit in his lap and look at him and he'd stare back. Before I knew it he was playing with them and talking to them and generally getting all mushy and using baby talk with them.
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Cats do have a way of worming their way into people's lives and hearts.
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Luckily my SO loves cats (as long as they are shorthair) and is VERY affectionate with Ike...we both talk to her all the time!
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Luckily... my Husband is a Cat Lover
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Congratulations on having a cat-lover filled household!

Witty title, BTW
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I loved the title too.

Bijou is the first cat that hubby has become very attached too. He is always talking to Bijou and loving on him and caressing him. He calls Bijou his "little buddy". Of course, like the rest of us here I'm sure, I can't understand how anyone could not love cats.
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When Dad proposed to Mom, she made sure he knew he was getting a package deal. Not only would he have a wife, but also a daughter (my sis) and a cat. Well, soon after, Mom's cat became his cat! It would sit on his workbench and ride on his shoulder when he worked in the yard.

Our cats also prooved therapeutic for Dad. Helped his nerves by petting them.
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That's wonderful that you've converted him!
I always smile when I overhear my DH sweet talking the cats.
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Heheeeee, thats GREAT! My husband is really "ehhhh" on the kitties too. My entire reason for getting a Meezer was to help mesmerize him into loving cats, I hear they are enchanting to non-cat lovers... But kitties on the whole are irresistible!
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Gil will be the first to admit he was never a cat lover as he'd always had dogs, but Rosie and him hit it off straight away, and she's over him like a rash when he comes down..........BUT!, theres a method in her madness, because Gil started giving her more treats than me, so she stays close to him for that reason i'm sure
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My kitties have totally got Colin wrapped around their furry little paws He used to claim he didn't like cats Now he gives them treats, plays with them, is always picking them up and carrying them around the house with him, and the snuggle as close as they can get to him at night (it's adorable! they've converted him to a cat lover)
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