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My cat totally scared me this morning!!!

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I have a 9 year old male orange tabby named Tigger. This morning at about 5am, I woke up to see that Tigger had kicked me off my piilow and was sleeping there. I petted him, but this time he didn't wake up. Very odd!! Everytime I touch him when he sleeps, he usually wakes up even just for a sec. But this time I shook him a few times quite hard and called his name and he wouldn't wake up. He was very limp, heavy, and "flat" feeling. I got really nervous and shook him a couple more times. Then he slowly lifted his head and meowed as if saying "WHAT?! Can't you see I was sleeping?". Has your cat ever freaked you out like that while in a deep sleep? I hope this isn't a sign of something serious or is it just a normal thing and that I just noticed it? I had that wave of heat (shock, anxiety, fear) go over my face when he wasn't waking up lol. It was a huge relief when he did wake up. I'm assuming he's just fine cuz when I woke back up about 2 hours later to get ready for work, he followed me to the bathroom like his usual routine.
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My Damita does it all the time. She sleeps like a rock!
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I have 2 male cats, one wakes up by each little noise, but the other, Paco, sleeps like a baby! I have to call him several times to wake him up and he looks like this:
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I also have an male orange tabby and I could set off a bomb and he wouldn't wake up. My other two cats are skittish by nature and are wide awake if a pin drops. Maybe you caught him in a really deep sleep.
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Mine has done that, most of the time he's a light sleeper, but sometimes when he falls asleep at my feet overnight he's a rock. I've kicked him in my sleep and woken up and he doesn't move... makes me nervous so I nudge him 3-4 more times and make him look at me just to feel better. Then inevitably I feel bad cause I disturbed him...
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Buster, my tabby cat, does that sometimes. He's typically a light sleeper. However, he has these moments where I know he's in a deep sleep because he starts to snore. Nothing will wake him up unless I open a can of cat food!
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