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what a "drag"!

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Our 5 month old male kitten (intact so far... but that'll change soon!) has developed a love of pouncing our our dog's tail and chewing away at it. Which the dog doesn't appreciate, but sweetheart that she is, won't argue much. She'll get up and move away, but Elmo (kitten) will go right back at it. How can we train either the dog or the kitten to STOP this behaviour? Our dog is the most tolerant, mellow girl I know. When she gets really fed up (the canine equivalent of grind-your-teeth peeved ), she'll turn and air snap at Elmo, maybe growl, then move away. That's the worst it ever gets... But Elmo, fuzz-for-brains that he is, doesn't seem to get it! ( ) :LOL:
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You are going to have to distract the kitty when he goes for the dogs tail. Keep toys nearby at all times. Before long the toys will be more interesting thatn the tail.
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you can put vicks vapo rub on the tip of the tail- a little bit goes a long way. Kitty will not go near the tail at all unless she is just a strange kitty who loves the smell or taste of menthol.
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sadly, the company that makes this product does animal testing on it. And although it irritates the animal- making their eyes sting and they sneeze, unless they eat a goodly amount it is not toxic BUT I would never tell someone to slather this stuff on a cat's chest when it has a cold. The cat needs to go to a vet and get on antibiotics. You never use human medicine on a cat unless directed by your vet.
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I'm a bit worried about using human products on animals as a general rule. I do use Polysporin when need be, as well as Gold Bond (on occasion only!). I guess I'm extra warry since our dog decided to provide her own entertainment while we were gone one day, managed to get the lid off, and downed the entire contents of a container of vitamin E cream! We checked with the vet to make sure she'd be ok (he had to dig out his reference manual and look it up!), and she was fine. But let me tell you... whatever had to be 'produced' during the walks didn't just drop... it rocketed out!!

So whatever you do, make sure all harmful products are safely out of your pet's reach!!!:tounge2:
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