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Why does his poo stink so much??

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Boo's poo is absolutely rank. Every time he goes to the litterbox, the whole appartment stinks! Its also much litter in color than my other cats stools. Why does it stink so bad, and is there any way I can get his stools not to stink as bad. He's starting to stink us out of the building!!
Oh, and he eats wet food (Merricks, Instinct, Nature's Variety), and raw food.
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I'd like to hear this answer because my kitty's (9 weeks) poo stinks too! He's eating Wellness & Merrick canned for kittens.
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Food may too rich for the young tummy
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Mine had that when they were eating Evo. When they all went on the all raw, no additives, home diet, we now have no more stinky poops, except for the very rare occasion.
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I agree that it could probably be his age and sensitive tummy. There were times after we got Zoe that I could swear I could see green fumes trailing her it was soooo bad! Lol!
Luckily, we're finally passed that (she says while keeping fingers and toes and paws crossed!).
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What should I do then? I'm feeding him what I thought was the best diet for him. Should I stop feeding raw, so maybe switch to completely raw and drop the wet food?
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I don't know in your case if switching over to an all raw food will do it or not. I find that mine do really well on the all raw (to the point where I just invested in a grinder and a chest freezer).. but I feed homemade not commercial raw, so, the difference between the two may make the difference in their pooootinky poops.

I haven't had the problem with them while they've been eating the raw, which for the girls who I was transitioning to raw, I was mixing with meow mix packets (not great, but was enough to entice them to eat the raw), and even with that little bit mixed in (and they're only getting about a quarter packet a piece, twice a day), their poos have firmed up completely and are no longer stinky.

I think if you're talking about switching them to an all raw homemade diet, that might make the difference. It also might do it if you're making them a homemade cooked diet. I honestly don't know. Raw diet has worked beautifully for my crew, but.. it's a lot of work (I'm feeding five on it), and it's not for everyone. I think it's worth the trouble, but, once you're in for a penny, you're kind of in for a pound.
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I find raw to be the least stinky and the most digestable ... you may want a probiotic if you continue the canned ... for me at least Raw is 50% of homemade and 60% less than canned
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Can anyone give me a receipe for homemade raw diet?? Right now I've feeding Home Made 4 Life premade raw diet, and every few days he gets some cut up pork strips, gallbladders, liver, and chicken necks. He likes them in chunks more so than ground up though.
Also, are the supplements needed for a raw diet expensive??
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The supplements are fairly reasonable, although, the raw diet recipe that I follow (and after the workshop conducted by a vet the other day, apparently a good one to be following)... some of the ingredients are a little hard to come by, and somewhat expensive at first but they last for a while.

I bought WildTrax in december of last year, it was a four pound can. I'm about half way through it (most of that time, it was only two cats I was supplementing).. it was $18, I think, or thereabouts.

There's a lot of information on and Both were recommended by the vet that conducted the nutrition seminar I just went to. She studied with Dr. Pitcairn.

Both of those sites have a recipe. I've found that the works better for me. But, I just started doing the ground up bones. I added a nutritional supplement to basic chopped up chicken thighs and breasts, with about 10 percent of a combo of livers, gizzards and hearts (no more than 5% of that being liver). I'd suggest a different supplement than the wildtrax.. one that is made for raw diets that don't include bone, because it doesn't have enough calcium. You can add some yogurt to get the calcium in, but.. I'm sort of torn on the best way to do that. That's teh reason I personally invested in the grinder (but it took a long time and it was really expensive). Between that and the freezer, it was over $300, but I've made it a lifestyle over here, and it actually will save me money in the longrun. All of that, though, is besides the point. Sorry to ramble..

Try those websites. They're my bible.
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