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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I'm about to double the list!

& coming soon!
Apollo &

Wow you are a hard core mythology fan.....
I have a copy of Bullfinches, Mythology of the world should you ever run out of ideas

You guys are doing fantastic, but I know there still lots more kitties out there to be accounted for...come on front and center..
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Ok the monsters are here

Pumpkin and last but not least
Stomper Tom
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Mine are Pushkin and Wiggies.
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Roxie here!!
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My three boys are reporting in!

Tailer - cubby, spoiled Orange Tabby moggie
Forest - wobbly, bobbly Orange Tabby moggie
Harvey - elderly, shy Gray Tabby moggie
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OK, from the top, in the same order as my signature (for visual reference)

Diva Etcetera D'Calico
Mischief Mistoffolees
Blondie Rumpleteaser
Trace Tumblebrutus
Peanut Butterum
Freeway Carbuckety
Sassy Sasparilla
Hobo Skimbleshanks
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I know! I'm going to have to switch to Roman or Norse gods
There are still a whole bunch of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses that you haven't used yet.

Shadow- 13 year old male
Charlotte- 1 year old female
Everest (Char's brother)- 1 year old male

My Rainbow kitty- Midnight.
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Spot, age 8

Princess Poops-a-lot, around age 4ish
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Here are mine:

Tosh (aka Grumpy Uncle)
Oreo (aka Double stuffed - or Alpha cat)
Snickers (aka Miss Catty)
and the new member of the house:
Jazz (aka spazo cat)
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Layla, she is my one and only cat!
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My kitties in age:

Kuce (Alpha cat - 14 yrs and Turkish Van)
Luvbug (Middle child and total love hogger - and current only boy - 7 yrs DMH)
Lil' Jag (Treat lover and alpha cat wanna-be - 3 yrs and Black smoke Persian mix)

And my RB cat
Sphinx (The gentleman alpha cat - Would have been 21 yrs and Russian Blue/Siamese)

Checking in. :waves:
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we have Mama, Spookie,Love, and GiGi!
and my long lost love... Scream! I miss you , Scream!
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Geez what's it like to have just one cat?

Here's mine:

Cat King Cole
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My boys are:


Aww, they're so cute!
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Harry age 5 and a half months, black with a little 'Elvis' tuft of white.

I'll include the two family cats living at my mum's too as we all adore them!

Rupert age 13, black and white
Bagheera age 12 all black with a little tuft too.
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My 2 terrors reporting in for duty

Jaffa: 10 yr old red DSH. A gentle giant. In charge around here. Hobbies: sleeping, cuddling, eating, playing, more cuddling, more playing, putting Mosi in his place, more cuddling, more eating, more cuddling....

Mosi: nearly 2 yr old red Somali. Wannabe boss but settles for 2nd in command. Hobbies: teasing Jaffa, running, jumping, knocking things over, eating stuff he shouldn't..
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Six in my crew:

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Hello my this is the cat and meowmy told me about this roll call thing so here I am and my name is
Tavia but you can call me Queen Tavia
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there are a lot of kitties out there.

But I think we are still missing some...
Come on everyone No hiding under the couch, behind the tv, or in the closet..We know your out there, no going A.W.O.L. on us now....

Let's be hearing from you...
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My crew, complete with middle names:

Jack-ola (rhymes with cola; don't ask me why, it just sounds right)
Rufus John
Katie Mae
Charlotte Roberta
Bridget Elaine
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My dynamic duo:
Bella and Stanley
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My Kitty Is Lucky Girl 15 weeks , My dogs Are Rosie 10 and Sophie 6 , my liitle stray kitty, I call Baby about a year old, she sat on my knee outside yesterday
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Mica (baby-girl)
Mala (Mala-Munchkin)
Sam (Sam-I-am, Samerific, Sammy-Sam, Sam-the-man and Sir Poopsalot )
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Gracie: She just turned 8 and she's Orange and my little Princess.
She's a tiny little girl who loves to be held and cuddled.
She's also cross eyed and was born with some hearing problems.

Annabelle: Nobody is sure just how old she is, I nabbed her out of the middle of a busy street, the Vet said he feels she's probably the same age as Gracie, but could be as much as 2 years older...she's a Tortie and full of "Tortitude" she's just started to allow us to pick her up...we've had her for several years.
She has one tooth that sticks out over her bottom lip..it adds to her personality

Elliott: He's 2 and the first male cat we've ever had, he's pure white with amber colored eyes.
He showed up as a tiny kitten..no more than 2 months old.
When we bought this new house a year ago in May I looked out the window and spotted him and was plotting a way to bring him indoors from the moment.
We made him an indoor kitty in November and he's never looked back.
He screamed for about 10 minutes and that was it, he used the litter box within the first 10 or 20 minutes...he was born to be an idoor cat.
He thinks he's a little King
Love to be held and cuddled by the humans, but he tries to bully his "sister's"..they however put him in his place.
He's a BIG boy, somwhere between 15 and 17 pounds.

Can't forget my RB girl Lizzie...we had to have her put to sleep in May.
Her and Gracie came from the same litter and were best friends.
She's a beautiful Orange girl and was as big as her Sister is tiny.
She was Gracie's protector and Mother figure you never saw one without the other.
Gracie is lost without her.
Lizzie seemed to know that she couldn't get ruff with Gracie when they'd play fight.
Lizzie was a little on the standoffish side from time to time, but when she wanted to cuddle she'd sure let you know.
Lizzie either couldn't or didn't want to meow...put she sure could purr.

I'm sure that's more info than you wanted
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Reporting in for my crew:

Tigger: 17 1/2 years old, very much the squeaky wheel & in-charge-lady. Long hair tortie & white with lots of tortitude! Sits beside me wherever I end up - she's next to me.

Elsa: beautiful black shiny kitty rescused from a trailer park. She's about 5 and very shy. She also had the distinction of having 8 kittens in my house!

Nadette: about 4 years old, and was a birthday present. She is a dilute calico, and the sweetest little thing on earth. She even loves up the dogs. Usually she sits in back of me on the back of the couch.

Smudge: My crazy boy! A seal mitted ragdoll. He weighs almost 13 pounds at about 17 months. Loves to run and play - very kittenish. He follows me around the house wherever I go, but prefers to lie on the floor.

Clyde: Our newest - an odd-eyed white. Extremely sweet cat to people, and LOVES my 14 year old daughter. Sleeps with her at night. Oh, and he's deaf. He loves to play with Smudge, and most nights it sounds like the kitty 500 for a couple hours before bedtime!
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Posting for my furkids since they cant type! (And lord help me if they learn!)

Kahlua (Or Missylou) - a 3 year old tortie shell Diva kitty, that makes very weird bubble noises (I'll try to get a video of it!)

Joey (Joemonster) - a 6 year old odd ball that is being very bratty lately

The Lady Chablis (Fatcat) - a 14 year old Maine Coone mix (Maybe according to our vet) And yes he is named after a cross dresser! Anyone read or watch midnight in the garden of good and evil? HE was thought to be Pregnant when we rescued him... 12 years later, we are still waiting on that litter!
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My Illinois kid Patches who is 11 years old and lives with my ex-roomate

Her kid Tiger who is 10 years old and a black and white tuxedo kitty.

They are both Girls!!
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Tailpipe (siamese/mix)
Chassis (tuxedo)
Caliper (longhair)

& Tigger (recent RB baby)
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Chynna (my 15 year old beauty)
Abby (my 9 year old sucky baby)
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My one and only tabby boy Sash checking in here!
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