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Am I doing the right thing?

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Hi everyone. I've been racking my brain about this for the past couple of days and I don't know if it's the right thing to do or not. There are at least 10 cats that roam my block and I don't think any of them have actual homes (ok...2 of them do, but my neighbor doesn't have anything to do with them..it's so sad!). The past couple of weeks there has been a new kitty running our block and she is the most adorable thing! She's probably only 6 months old and is super friendly (at least to me). I feel so bad for her and would love to bring her into my home, but I'm not "allowed" to have anymore animals. Well, my co-worker Maurene has been wanting a cat for almost a year, but her husband told her she couldn't have one. Apparently they have both decided on getting a kitty now because they've got a bad case of mice living in their house! I was telling her about "Cali" (she's a little calico) and she said that she would love to take her. The only thing is...what if Cali already has owners? I would feel guilty if I took this sweet kitty from them...but yet I feel that if they can not take the responsiblity for her than they don't deserve her. I feel she deserves to have a good life...one that is out of the cold/heat and has owners that will love her unconditionally. I told Maurene that if I see her around my house tomorrow, I will hold on to her until she can get her after work. I also told Maurene that if I do this,I want this kitty to be an inside cat only...they live on a farm and I'm afraid that she'd try to make it back into town or get eaten by a coyote. She said that she would definitely keep her inside and would take care of her in the best way.
Do you think that I should do this? I really want Cali to have a good home and I know that Maurene will give this to her. I'm just scared that I would be "stealing" someone pet. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Could you put up pictures of her as a "found" kitty? That way, if she is someone's pet, they could contact you. Or maybe you could contact your area vets and let them know about Cali, they might know if she belongs to someone.
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I agree, wait a week or 2 to see if anyone responds to your notices. If no one claims the kitten then let Maurene give her a home.

Your friend's problem with mice probably originates in the barn and silos. My brother-in-law farms also but doesn't have any problems with mice getting in the house because he has a lot of barn cats that keep the mouse population under control.
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This kitty doesn't have a collar? I guess not all owners put collars on all cats eh? You don't think that perhaps this kitten is to old to have owners? Hopefully it all works out though. Good luck!
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I am not sure I would be too worried about owners that allow their cat to roam like that. She could have easily been harmed out running loose. If there is an opportunity to find a good home for her, I would take it. If I were in that situation, I would never forgive myself if something happened to her while she is out running the streets, and she could have had a home. You would probably be saving her from a miserable existence. Just my 2 cents.
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I agree, leaving a kitten outside is a big no no. However, maybe she escaped from someone's home. It's a tough call. Is the kitten in danger? If so, get it into a home ASAP. Go ahead and give it to your friend, then post found kitten signs.
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If you think she may be "owned", why not put a collar on her with note in the name tag bit. That way you would be sure that no-one is going to accuse you of cat-napping. She may have a chip - can you get your vet to scan her?
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If you do collar her, please make sure it is a break-away collar.
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Thank you everyone for the great suggestions! I haven't seen Cali for the past couple of days, but it's been pretty cold and windy here so I'm sure she's found a warm place to stay. I still am up in the air about what to do. She doesn't have a collar and I've asked some neighbors around here if they know if she's got owners or not...apparently no one is claiming her so far. In the past year, we've had LOTS of people moving in and out of my neighborhood...so I guess she might belong to one of them. The sad thing is that the people who are moving in and out of here are not very good people. They usually destroy the property and then they leave. I guess that lets ya how they probably treat their families and they're pets..but I'm just assuming. I do believe that at some point in her life she was a pet. She is extremely friendly and she follows me right to the front door & expects to come right in! It breaks my heart to slam that door in her little face...I want to take her in so bad! Sometimes I wish I didn't have such an emotional attachment to animals...it always breaks my heart when I can't help each and everyone of them!
As for the microchip, I highly doubt that she has one. I live in a small town and I don't think that they even do the microchip thing here. I've had cats all my life and not once did my Vets tell me about getting them microchiped.
Thanks again for the suggestions...it looks like I'll have to wait and see if she shows up again. I'll keep you all posted...
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