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cat very pregnant

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howdo u know when a cat is goin to have her kittens, cat is loosin blood, purrin alot, concerned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she lost some water aweek ago, is ths normal????????????
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IMO the cat should be in the vet's office. If water broke last week and she's bleeding now with no kittens, she could be in serious trouble.
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thnk you, goin to vets now
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Once you know her water breaks, the kittens should come hours afterwards. Our cat Spookys water broke & a few hours later, out came her kittens.

Best thing to do is to at least call a vet to see if they think it is a concern. Don't wait too long or it could jeopardize her health...

Please update us on how your cat is doing!!!
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please update us when you get back, i hope everything is ok.
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any1 know what happened?
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