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cat in heat(sorry kind of long)

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For those that know me i have 4 female gorgeous female cats and they are spayed,my oldest princess is in heat(she is about 1year old)and goes outside.She is officially in heat and was outside earlier today,is there any early signs she is pregnant? She was fine this morning when we put her out now she is freaking out(to go outside)We are not going to put her out anymore till this is over and i will call the vet that spayed her on monday.If she is pregnant how long will she be in heat after?or will she still be in heat after?Kittens was not the plan but if it does happen we are able to find loving caring homes for the babies.
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My boyfriends mother used to breed so he knows all the signs and she for sure in heat(as both him and his mother say.
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If she is confirmed to be in estrus, then please do not let her out anymore until she is fully recovered from being spayed. The chances of her becoming pregnant are extremely high and since she would be mating with an unknown male, the chances of her and her kittens contracting an illness are also extremely high.

If you let her go out and a male did breed her, then she may continue to experience estrus for 3 to 8 days afterwards. It may help to keep her confined in a cool, dark room for the duration of her cycle.
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She had been spayed about 4 months before this,she showed no sign of anything till tonight.
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I'm confused

You said all your cats are spayed but one is in heat? Or you have one that is not spayed? If all your cats are spayed properly, then no way can a cat get pregnant as there is nothing there.

My cat Ling was spayed at 8 months old and a year later showed all the signs of being in heat. She was reopened (long story) and they found a cyst had grown in the ovary area and was causing "false heat" symptoms. She's fine now after a 2nd surgery.
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If she was spayed properly she shouldn't be in heat - but sometimes mistakes have been known to happen and the cat hasn't been spayed - it's rare but there have been cases of a mix-up in paperwork at the vet or shelter, or it could be a medical problem. I would take your girl to the vet, see if they can do an ultrasound to make sure she's been spayed and that there are no problems.
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As i said i am calling the vet on Monday to talk to him.
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Well, is she spayed or is she NOT spayed????
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Well, is she spayed or is she NOT spayed????
She said in post #4 above that she had been spayed.
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Sorry it took so long to get back to you all(my internet was down for awhile)I have taken her to the vets 3 times and he said the spay did take and couldnt find anything medically wrong with her to have caused it.So well i guess iam just gonna wait and hope it doesnt happen again.
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Well unless the cat is reopened, a cyst or something will not be seen from the outside. Ling had to be reopened to find out why. An outer exam will not find what might be internally.

If she keeps showing signs of "heat" you may have no choice but to reopen her.
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