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Do cats ever learn?!

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So after last months little escapade of Murphy jumping on the loo and falling down it head first and having to have a very much unwanted bath, you would have thought he would have learned the bathroom is a place that the horrid stuff we called water lives ... but ohhhhh NO.

Here I am thinking, I'll have a nice bath. Run it, walk out the bathroom where there are no cats at this point in to the wardrobe to grab a towel, when I hear this massive "SPLASH".

I run in to the bathroom, just in time to see Winston running out to catch up to his skin that has a good 5 meters start on the rest of his body and Murphy doing the doggy paddle around my bath!!!

I grab him out, smelling a bit sweeter, and wrap him in the towel I just got for me! Thank God I only have my baths luke warm!!!

He's now sitting on my bed, very sheepishly drying him self in my towel assisted by Winston.

I swear, Murphy is the clumsy kid in the play ground, he's always tumbling off things. He is the cat that does NOT land on his feet!

I have a feeling that any future bath times might be a bit harder then they were going to be 30 minutes ago lol.

These kittens are giving me grey hairs!!!
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They always find something to get into, don't they? I just looked up to see little Garfield sitting above me in the rafters . The big cats always get up there via the stairs outside the bedroom but Garfield and the other kittens have no access to the ceiling... or so I thought.
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that has an absolutely hilarious image in my head! nice description
kittens do test your nerves don't they? good thing they're so cute!
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I needed a good laugh....

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hehe You're welcome!

He's now asleep in his little donut bed with two towels all wrapped around him. .... A little bit fluffier and softer, Smelling like Melon and Cucumber and a with a little less dignity
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That was funny!

They learn - when they're ready too! Don't forget - cats are stubborn - it's part of their charm!

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heh I was trying to get a picture of Winston cleaning Murphy ... and got this "look" from Murphy LOL. I think he's mad at his Mum!! .. that's one of the best dirty looks I got from a cat!

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Aww, they're cute.

I've pretty much decided that no, cats really do not learn. They have a selective memory that only works for "there's food here". Or maybe it's just pure stubbornness. Either way you have to love them and their goofy antics.
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Great story, and well told!

Running water has an almost hypnotic effect on my Sabina...she made the same mistake yours did...but only once!
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I LOVE the way you told that story- you had me laughing soo hard!! It reminds me of my last bath- only instead of a curious kitten- i had my huge Australian Shepherd, Fosters try something similar! A few months earlier i had gone to the semi-annual sale at Bath & Body works and while i was there i got one of their cute rubber duckies. Well- that night i decided to take a bath and just for fun- i squeaked the duck. In RUNS Fosters and into the tub he went with me
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im afraid to say that "my" bath times are usually 5 mins if im lucky as Indie loves to play in my bath And he is beginning to teach Ember this annoying habit i've tried keeping the door shut, bathing when i have just put food no but he just sits at the door whining and bumping the door until i let him or them in it's a very good job he's cute
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I'd have thought that after all those incidents, you would have learned to keep the door closed!!!!
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Are your kittens related to mine? I had a similar toilet incident with Pekoe, and he is still entranced by the bath water (though he's not fallen in.... yet).

They're adorable though. I love the little guy all wrapped up.
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Great storytelling, and what beautiful kitties! Thanks for the laugh of the day...
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