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Hi Everyone. I need some info please

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My sister, a cat lover, recently passed away and left me her house. Unfortunately, it seems that her cats were allowed to have free reign, and the carpeting throughout is saturated with cat pee, right down to soaking into the wood floor. Needless to say it is almost unbearable smelling. My husband and I are taking up the carpet, but the odor underneath is overwhelming, and makes us feel sick and our eyes burn.

Someone suggested that there are industrial strength products that use enzymes to neutralize these odors. I have to do something, as we wish to sell the house. Would any of you nice folk know just what these products are, or what the brand names are? It will take a lot, and trust me, it seems that it must be a heavy duty solution.

Thank you for any help you can give me, I really appreciate this.
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It is called Nature's Miracle. You can buy it online or in pet stores by the gallon. You'll need to thoroughly soak the affected areas.
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It would be much cheaper to hire a sander and sand the wood down a few mm, then if there is still some smell, well you have a few options, you could wipe the sanded floor over with a diluted bleach solution, or you could polyurethane the floor. my .02

My cats cage is wooden and for the first time one of them peed on the floor of it, and I just finished sanding and bleaching it today. Its so clean and fresh you could eat off it.
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Hate to tell you, but when urine gets into wood flooring its next to impossible to get it out unless you redo the floor. If its been in there for awhile (sounds like it) you'd have to redo the floor. Nothing will take it out.

If you want, you can paint the wood flooring. But first use Kilt as a cover/sealer over the wood - it will seal in all odors and then paint over the wood.

Or take up all the wood flooring and put whatever you like better down.
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Is it the subfloor???

Are some places actually "swollen" from being wet?? Those area will have to be cut out and replaced. What we did when we replaced the carpeting is apply a good 8-10 inch swath of polyurethane around the perimeters of all the bedrooms to seal off any odor.
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I'll move this to care and grooming
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