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Should I, Could I, Would You?

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Okay,, I came home last night, and just a little background we live out in the country around corn fields, the nearest neighbor is like a mile away,, other then the corporate airport,, a field strip and two building with 5 Planes.. We are pretty countrized...

Anyways, I came home last night, and my mom left me 3 quarts of Turtle Soup and a bag of donut holes for my daughter. And there was this black cat that ran across the yard when I pulled up. Well it clawed it's way through the bag to get to the donut holes in it's own bag. I don't know if belongs to anyone or what,, but I've seen this little tuxedo cat before hanging around.

Should I put food down for it??? Is that a smart idea? Would you do it?
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Feed it. I've done it before and I'll do it again.
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Of course I think you need to feed it, it is probably hungry.
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I personally would feed it.
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You have to do it, and know that this may keep your kitty coming back. If you are planning on moving, just be sure and not feed it every minute since you don't want it to be completely dependent on you.
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You have a choice, you can feed it and keep it healthy, or it can get into your garbage, eat unhealthy foods and make a mess in your yard.

I really don't see a conflict here! Cat lovers feed cats. At least, that is MY belief. I have been feeding outdoor cats for 10 yrs.
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I'd definitely feed it, but I've always fed any stray cat that comes around.

ETA: If you need to find a home for the kitty, let me know. I'm not too far from you and I can help find him/her a home.
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I'd feed him and make sure he's fixed.
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Feed him! Let us know about the kitty please.....
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Would I? Why do you think I'm called "momofmany"?

Feed him/her, then work on finding a proper home. If the cat is simply lost and is friendly, it will stick around.
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I think that any cat that's desperate enough to dig through 2 bags just to get some donut holes deserves a good, healthy meal. Poor kitty.

Maybe you can find a shelter to take him or maybe you can buy a bag of kitty food and one of your neighbours can take over feeding him when you are gone.
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You'd be surprised what cats will do to get to food, even if well-fed. My little Baby Girl has been known to chew open cardboard boxes of cat food to get to the food inside!

But then... she does have a history of being mistreated... So maybe she figures she'd better get all the food she can get. Even though her little skinny six-pound self is getting a cup or more of good-quality kitten food per day...

Yeah. Feed that kitty.
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So i fed the cat.. Well let me rephrase that.. I put food out.. and had a Family Reunion at my house this weekend. and..

3 other cats showed up.. A baby tabby who really just wants love, and a calico orange and white kitty with burs all up and down her tail, and the black tuxedo cat.. I fed them food. MY Husband is soo mad at me.. He's like see what you did. You feed the cat, and he told all his friends. You can't do that when you livin in the country.. "Blah blah blah blah" That's what I heard out of him. Kind of like that peanuts school teacher "whahahahahahahaha"...

Whatever hubby... Then I'm standing there and the little kitty is crying,, wanting more food, and my dad shows up who is the manager of the little corporate airport right beside our house, and they are all telling me I'm stupid for feeding the cat, and that if they could find a gun they'd kill it.. I was flaming mad!! and my dad is like we have to shoot them at the airport because they get in the hanger at night, and poop and pee and set off the alarms.. Okay now I'm madder. It isn't there fault they ain't got no where to go.. They just are breed from the HALF witted farmer who don't take care of the cats and get them fixed.. makes me soo mad!!!
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I'd be mad, too, hun... any chance of starting a TNR program out there?
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