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Feeling really guilty. Do not know what to do!

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I just found two little kittens. The qutest I have ever seen, in my backyard where the bushes are. I am trying to find a no kill shelter, but none of them are taking them. I can not take them right now because I do not have the means.

And if I take them to the humane society or an animal control place they will be killed in a few days.

I have no idea what steps should I take.

Any suggestions will be higly appreciated.
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Do you have any friends or neighbors who would take them? Do you have any feline urgent rescue shelters in your area? If you don't have any other options, I will pray that God will give you the means to take care of them for just a little while. You could even call your vet or some other local vets and explain the situation. I hope you can find someone who can help.
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How old are they? Do they need to be bottle fed?

Good coming your way in hopes you can find some place that they can be taken care of.
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I would contact local vets and cat rescues in your area. They may be able to help or at least point you in the right direction. Good luck
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Thats a tough decision...

You could just let them be & let nature take its course. You could take them to the humane society & let them do what they are going to do. You could try to find some family/friends/cat lovers who would take them.

If they appear to be affectionate & people friendly, the humane society may not kill them. But if they are feral & wild, then they probably will. Sometimes its just better to leave them be, maybe just feed them so they are not hungry at least. Hopefully everything works out with the kittens, its sad that they don't have a what you feel is right, and hope for the best
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Try talking to the no kill shelter and ask about fostering those 2 kittens. See if they will help you with the vet and food costs. That way they get off the street and into a warm home and when there is room in the shelter they can be moved there for adoption.
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Cocoalily, they are about the same as the ad at the bottom of your posting. I have called no kill shelters in my area but they tell me that they are not accepting any kittens at the moment.

And now I have been out side, and I have not seen their mother for over a day now. If I do not see her tonight, I will have to place some food for them.

Ok, while I was writing this I heard the cats fighting outside I look and now there is only one kitty. I heard my old neighbor. He hates all animals complaining. I do not know if he might have killed one or just escaped and he or she is someplace else.

I was able to capture one, and now I have that kitten inside the house. He bit me really hard, and then runned to a corner of the room. He is really scared and does not want to accept any food from me.

What should I do to make this kitty know that I am not going to hurt him or her.

The kitty definitely appears to have never been touched by humans.

I do not know.... if now that I know that the kitten is not friendly, who is going to want to adopt?
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PM me, I have a few contacts for you but don't want them made public.
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Now that I have the kitty inside the house, how long will it take for the kitty to start accepting food?

Has any one had an experience like mine?

Hope you can help.
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I got the kitty to eat a bit. I am usin a dropper to feed her milk. I finally got her trust enought to grab her and see whether it was male or female. I am worried about the fact that she is eating a bit, but she is not peeing or pooping.

Is there anything that I can do to help the kittty go?
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Just in case any one would like to know. I am happy to see her adapt so incredibly quickly. She peed this morning, and this afternoon, when I got her out, she did her little business on the litter box I just bought her.

I am getting this incredible love for her that it is also turning my stomach. I can not eat well thinking of giving her up now. Knowing that she is going to be for a long time in a cage without no one to love her. I am also feeling bad for the other one that I could not save.

For some reason all of my life I have had an evil neighbor near by, with an exeption of when I was living in Miami. I hope that you guys could give me some blessings so that things will turn out better.

I am planing to keep her.

I would like to know what is the best time for the kitty to be spayed or neutered.
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I forgot to say, this is going to be a house cat. I am definitelly not letting her out. Perhaps if I move to some other town. But even then, I tend to be one of those worrier types.
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I'll move this to SOS

Have you sent Hissy a pm?
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It is definitely a good idea that you are not letting the kitten out even when grown. There are two many threats out there. The first thing you need to do is get her/him to a vet; my kittens were spayed/neutered at 3 months of age, some places do early neutering. Talk with the vet, since you rescued this kitten he may help you out and not charge you much to take a look at her/him.

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I am happy to find that the other kitten is alive. No one got to him. I guess that fight last night might have been some other cat. Or pherhaps my neighbor attempting to catch him or her.

This evening just heard the other kitty meowing outside. When I went to oppen the door the alarm when off. I thought I had it off. So the kitten saw me and ran maybe because of the noise or because I wanted so desperately to catch it that I ran too fast.

I hear him sometimes now meowing by the bushes in my back yard. I think it is feeling alone by itself.

If I get to catch him or her, what would it happen to the mother cat. Would she get really depressed and start meawing all night. Because then the mother would then be in danger.

I hope that she will give up calling them so that I can keep the other one an try to place the kitty in a no kill shelter.
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Byron - It is so wonderful of you to be so concerned and trying to help these two kittens.

I hope everything works out well for you and them.
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Thanks, I have decided to leave the other kitten alone with his or her mom. They appear to be doing fine.

I am so concerned of what my actions will do, I rader not risk getting in the way.

At least the mom now has only one kitty to take care of. That will lift a bit of a burden.
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In the wild, cats often lose some or all of their kittens every litter--that's why they have so many litters. A feral momcat will probably have had and lost a lot of kittens already; so chances are, she is used to it... yet another reason to do trap-neuter-release.
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Originally Posted by Callista View Post
In the wild, cats often lose some or all of their kittens every litter--that's why they have so many litters. A feral momcat will probably have had and lost a lot of kittens already; so chances are, she is used to it... yet another reason to do trap-neuter-release.
Not so often. It is a good idea to let them be together and enjoy free life.
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Byron, you are SO kind and you are doing SO well! <3 I am so glad you were able to rescue one. I promise you that little furball will worm it's way into your heart. I wish I could take home every baby I find but my husband would go crazy!

You're doing a great job, just hang in there.
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Thank you. I need it a little validation.

It is very hard to make a dessition when there are such a few answers that can make me feel good about what I will do.

This little kitten adapted so fast. She is playing all over the place. She is keeping me quite bussy sometimes. Especially when I can not let her meow much. If I do, the mother who is outside will hear and she will be on my back door wating for the kitten and leaving the other one.

I like for the mother cat to spend as much time taking care of the other kitten.

It is a good thing though that she likes to sleep a lot after a good play.
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Sometimes you have to do the best with what you have. And you have a little bundle of joy! Whats so sad is that people ignore the plight of little ones like this so often. It's so kind of you to do this! And keeping an eye on the mom has been great too.

I remember you mentioning that you don't really have the means to deal with the kitten but if you need -any- help I am sure we can give you advice and direct you to a place near you that can give you assistance with your kitten.

Have you picked a name for her?
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Originally Posted by cr33py View Post
Not so often. It is a good idea to let them be together and enjoy free life.
This might be a good idea in an ideal world, however these cats are almost 100% likely to continue to have litters and their litters will have litters and so the story goes. If you are having trouble finding homes or shelters to take one kitten, imagine how much trouble there will be if this kitten and its mother continue to have litters? And they will, no doubt about it.

So while it's all nice and dreamy to let them live their happy lives together in freedom, in reality it's far from a nice situation. Kittens and cats die all the time in these kinds of situations. The cats must be trapped and neutered if they are to remain outdoors and on their own. It's hard to do this but you will be doing a great deal of good and preventing many, many more litters by doing so.

I think it's wonderful the attention you are paying and the time you are spending, I really do. What a lovely person you must be. It always warms my heart to read posts like yours. If you can find a way to trap these cats and have them neutered, you will be doing the best service you can possibly do for them.
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