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Greetings from Tampa!

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Hi folks,

I am a 2-cat owner in Florida, have had cats all my life and even a dog or two here and there. I really got on to get some help with a problem, see "Alarm Clock Kitty" under behavior.

Seems like this ia a very active, enteratining site, hope to get to know you better!
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I'm sure people will have suggestions for your wakeful kitty - there are lots of people with lots of experience here, I've learnt a lot in a short while.

Everyone loves to see pictures, so if you have some of your two, please post them!

You'll enjoy it here, it's a great bunch of people.

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This is indeed a very entertaining site, but it is also very educational, I have learned so much about cats!


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Welcome to the site! This is a great place to hang out and make cyber friends, and there is so much knowledge about cats here. It never ceases to amaze me, no matter how obscure the problem is someone knows something about it.

Glad you found us here and I look forward to getting to know you and your two kitties in the forums.
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We reallu do LOVE photos. Feel free to post when you can.
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Thanks for all the greetings! Here's a pic of my two, this was when Pooh was a baby, he's much bigger than his mama now!
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Here's the pic from when he was a little critter:
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oh my gorgeous kitties!!!!! Bet they keep you busy!
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That second picture looks like "Honest mom I didn't do a thing!"

(Meanwhile 10 seconds before the picture was taken he was reordering the newspaper sections!)

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OH! They're both adorable. Welcome to the board!
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Wow -- those are gorgeous cats!
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Love your cats. And your wood flooring too!

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Thanks for the compliments on my babies! Yes, the baby WAS in trouble just before that picture was taken. But you sure can't stay mad at him, he's such a cutie. Of course now he is 5 time the size but still kittenish. We call him the gooberhead when he gets in trouble now!
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