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Back from the vet...

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Jack got his shots and a check-up. He's doing good. He now weighs 4.2lbs.
Asher, poor guy, had a repeat performance of last year's visit. No one could come near him at all. They had to get a net and towels to give him his shot (I just wanted to cry, poor kitty). He was not able to get a check-up. The vet said it looks like the only way to do a physical on him is if he's under heavy sedation. Both the vet and I don't like this alternative, but it looks like it's the only way and he needs to be checked out. He couldn't get a physical last year either.
Does anyone else have this much trouble with their cat and going to the vet? He didn't used to be this way.
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No---Emma is her usual outgoing self, a complete ***** for attention, Tom curls up in a ball in terror, and Chili.. well.. Chili goes all claws. But If I am holding her or touching her she does a lot better than if I am not there. And we can still get her checked out. If she's having a particularly good day, the vet can even hold her..

My suggestion? Have your vet come to you for check ups. Or invite your vet over once in a while for lunch, to get Asher used to him.

And I swear those sigs are on their way. :o
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No all of my furry friends like vet
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