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New product found at the cat show

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Hopefully this is in the right section. I just thought you guys should know about his work because he's just starting but the products, imo, are awesome, and well worth the investment (I figure mine will pay for themselves in about 5 months or so if it takes that long).

Okay, well, it's not technically a new idea, but I saw these and I thought *wow*... I'm going to get two today. I was watching the man make them and he's a master woodworker. These posts/scratchers are made to last. They're really tightly woven, and he had to use a lever to weave the rope through. Unlike regular scratchers with sisal, it won't just unravel as soon as one breaks.

His scratcher (he's eventually going to guarantee them for the life of the cat, but since he's only been making them for five years, he can't do that until his cats have passed away). After five years with his cats, he hasn't even turned them over yet, so they're not even halfway through their lifespan as a scratcher yet.

Considering what I spend a month in corrugated cat scratchers (which seem like they're just going up and up in price...??? I started out paying $5 for a double wide, and now it's close to $10)... these will pay for themselves in less than a year *and* I won't have to clean up the corrugated cardboard mess that's always all over the place.

When you first look at them you think, ouchy, a little pricey, but I was standing there watching him make them and.. it's unbelievable. The rope is tightly and securely woven, the frames are furniture grade wood, and the scratcher part is able to be flipped when the cat finally gets close to decimating one side.

Anyway, his website is www.itsakatthing.com and you can see the products by going to the catalog and clicking to the one you want to view. Shipping can be a little expensive depending on what model you're looking at but he's out of Charlotte NC and he does travel to cat shows so it may be that you can catch him at a show nearby you. I'm getting the two floor models (much the same deal as the corrugated cat scratchers, that sit flat on the floor)., and the deal I'm getting is two for $100, which takes $20 off the overall price of getting two individually.

If anyone ends up getting one, let me know how it's working for you. I know mine are going to love them.
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They do look well made, but right now the price is on the high side. Only thing I don't like is the size - most are only 2 feet tall. I'd like it a minimum of 4 feet tall to work with my guys. The chair is interesting as Charlie and Ling like to use the one couch (I really should take my advice on how to stop it). But the chair is not tall enough - they would still want the taller couch.
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If you contacted him, he'd probably be willing to make something or slightly change something. Since he's the one designing them, he'd probably appreciate some input. The ones I saw there though and I think they're pretty much the same as the ones on the website, were tilted. I don't recall seeing the chair there, but the others were at an angle and I thought they were long enough at the angle for my crew, although, most of mine will scratch the ones on the floor.

If you like, I can talk to him today when I go to get mine. Like I said, I'm just picking up the ones that lay on the floor, but I can get a measurement on the "ramp" as it were, if you'd like, and tell him you're looking for something that's longer/higher.

Oh, just as a side note, he's looking to design something that goes on the corners of the couchs/furniture so that there's a "scratching post" where the corners cats normally go for.. but he said he's trying to figure out how to make it without actually attaching it to the furniture.
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My wife bought one, against my wishes. I thought they were ridiculously expensive. She bought the one called "stool"

And guess what? NONE of our cats use it. They sniffed it, climbed on it, claimed it as theirs and now it sits there looking brand new. They only want completely vertical scratchers and they need to be tall.

Didn't work for us.
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Hmm, mine all use the vertical scratcher I have here, but they really use the ones that lie flat. Guess I have an odd crew, lol. I'll mention it to him today.
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I have a ramp cardboard one and they sometimes use it but not much. My cats probably would be like Nial's - look at it but not use it.

I think I'll go with a normal but bigger treehouse for our other room.
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