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I put this on SOS. I hope you don't mind me posting here  

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My Pleas to All to Help On Animal Abuse Cases...Please hear me...

The Innocent

I'm crying…reaching out
Why is there no one to hear my final shout?
How loud do I need to project?
What is the language must I need to speak?
How can you turn away from an innocent soul?
Where can I find what was once their home?
When will all come to walk with them gently?
When will you love; for there are so many?

Turn away, turn away, it is easy for most.
Your life is so busy;
Your life you boast…

My pain does not end
It only gets deeper
To live with my own
While greed is their keeper

I only become bitter inside
To see that there is such a great divide,
There may be a time when such crime
tortures you…

Your language will be mine
An unfamiliar tongue
To save the innocent's bleeding
Their lives horrific and shunned

Are you listening now...can you hear my calls

In your mirror do you see
A sinking heart disgraced by hypocrisy;

A dream for peace,
Will you consider this,
No blood will shed,
No pain will exist...
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You have a true gift for words. That was beautiful and so true.
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Thank you for your wonderful gift of compassionate, insightful and loving words! I am deeply moved by this poem. I hope it moves all who can to rescue abandoned cats.

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That is so heart felt and compelling. Great job Catarina!
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Dear Joe,

Coming from you..."GREAT WRITER SPIRIT", that puts tears in my eyes. Thank you for such an unexpected, beautiful compliment.


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Dear Chuck,

How did I overlook your compliment!!! OH NO! Thank you very much ...I guess it's truth pouring out from my heart.
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wow. I'm at a loss for words, luckily you have enough for me

I saw in your post on the SOS site that you are working on a novel. If you don't mind my asking, what is it about?
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Dear Donna,
How did I overlook your posting and Chucks too...oh no!!!!I am so sorry! Although a bit belated, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Donna for your kind words.
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Dear Airprincess,

Awwwww....thank you, I do appreciate your reponse; it does mean so much to me. I am currently working on a novel about the SEC and white collard's quite intersting in that it's riddled with lampooning characters and will hopefully end blissfully into what was a highly intense frustrating relationship between two people...finally falling passionately into each others arms...Whew!!! Hey I just gave that away! LOL...But, it's kinda fun...I would hope most would enjoy it

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Is there a cat in your novel?

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Dear Joe....
Why of COURSE!!! Since this is my first...I feel so comfortable writing about "guess who" "ME"!, my life is very parallel with "Gracie", the main character not her career, but just her thoughts...she has 6 cats all named after my babies! I would send you an outline, but I think my blood pressure would burst waiting for your response!
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I would love to read it if you are ever so inclined.

sounds fasinating!!


for the love of floating smileys everywhere....
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Lovely Poem,
You should go to and enter it in their contest!
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Oh Catarina.....that is so very sad, your poem, yet so are such a gifted writer, as is Blue, you both are so talented in this area!!!!!

I just wanted to cry when I read your poem.....I wish I could talk to you again right now.
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Dear Airprincess,

I'll tidy up my outline and send you a few pages's that? I think I'd love to hear your thoughts; as I do know you're well read... yikes...


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Dear Askahomeopath...

Gosh, I didn't think anything about that poem really, I mean in that those type of sites usually pic high energy, fun poems..this is a bit grim; but it's honest. I do thank you for your compliement. By the way, would you be ever so kind to tell me your first name

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Dear Debby, :angel2: (APPROX. 2:00 am)
You know I actually made myself cry writing that poem. I'll be totally honest and admit that I too have been guilty in points of my life where it was all ME, ME, ME...I pray never to be so self absorbed again. I'm so pleased to have been a significant part of rescue(s); it has changed my perspective on what is truly important in life. I do wish we can talk soon

(APPROX. 9:00 am)

Remind me never, ever, ever to post on this site after la la land time...I murdered the spelling within this entire posting.

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I would be honored to read any of your work. I love to read and would throughly enjoy it.

I do read a lot but I have to come clean here and admit that it's usually thriller/drama/mystery/horror stuff. I'm not a classics girl. I'm a sydney sheldon/james patterson/stephen king girl instead of a herman melville/jane austin/hemingway lady. So if you don't mind a lowbrow reader....i'm your person!

here is my email

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Dear Airprincess,

Well, you asked for it and I guess I'll send it (nails gripping to the chair). I'll only send a few pages, as it does need polishing desperately. I tend to write so quickly, that I often times I have run on sentences, spell check is not an option, and repeatedly omit words... makes for a great thriller just to get through it! :laughing2:

Well, not that bad.......
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I can't wait to read it! just FYI, my email address is my work one, so I don't have access to it over the weekend. I don't have a home one set up at this time because I never really needed one.
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Catarina....why don't you post it in the lounge here, so we all can see it...I would LOVE to read it...and you know we would never critisize (spelling horribly wrong, I know) you.
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i'm with Debby, i'm thinking the new Literature Lounge would
be a great place for it!!

i'd love to read some as well.
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OMG...Deb as I recently told you about this new computer of mine...well, I didn't get my book from my old computer...that's no big deal, but my monitor won't hook up to it...I have a disk of it and I know the whole book was on it the other day because I sent a portion of it to Phil...I took note that it was the second chapter. However; I did see the first one at the time I pulled it up from the disk. I went to the disk today and I thought I'd send a different portion just to see what you thought and it's not there...I'm sick about it. I pray to GOD that it's safe and well in my old computer! I can't get it out soon enough. None of my monitors will allow me to see to navigate...I promise to post it as soon as possible.
Thanks for all of your support :angel2: I needed that!
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Hi, Catrina,
My first name is Alva.
Did you get to go to the website?
You can put all of your poems up there, it is a really useful site to organize your work, and maybe later publish it. They even can do that for you.
I apologize for not answering you sooner, I am new to this thing, and don't know how to answer as the messages come in.
Also, I would like to know how to make those waving smilies, and cat pictures and like that. I find those things fun!!!
I am getting all these answers to threads messages, and I don't know what to do with them!!!
I think I am finally figuring them all out, tho, But if anyone has asked me anything, and I have not answered, please don't feel slighted! It is just a Computer Dummy unfamiliar with the ropes.
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Dear Alva

Nice to meet you!
No worries sweetie as we all get so busy and some have more time than others...

I haven't gone to the site you have mentioned; but I do promise I'll go. Let me help you real quick about the smilies..okay....just scroll up from here and you'll see a blue hyperlink "smilies" (turned on) click on that and you'll get a page where all the smilies on it. From there, you can choose which smilie you'd like to put in your posting.
See? You'll be having fun in no time ...:laughing:

I'll keep you posted as to my visit to that site ....thanks again.

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Hi, Catarina!!!
I have been trying to figure out how to do this.
Forgive me if I mess up!
It is great for me to make so many like minded friends!
Hope you have a wonderful Mother's day today!
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Dear Alva!

I see you found them and had some fun...I can't decide on my favorite...there's too many but I'm thinking it's this guy ... My boyfriend loves him!

Hope you had a great Mother's Day too! I'm the Mommy for 6 beautiful babies =^..^= <<<those kind!

Love &
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Yes, I found them ! I guess I like best. Cute!
You beat me!!
We have five, two black males, and three tortie and white females, gorgeous curls and ears!!! All for sale, too!
I'll try to get pics up this week.
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Dear Alva...did you see the "Cat Pages" of the forum? This is so cool, cause you can have a homepage for your babies I just thought I'd let ya know
Bring on the pics...I'd love to see them!

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