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Pit stops during a move

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We're moving in a few weeks and lucky me, I get ALL 4 cats to ride with on the way down. I timed out the trip and its a 10 hour drive.
(just to note, I did check out flying, however because of the 1 cat per passenger restriction, we just didn't have the extra cash to afford 2-4 flights)

Our vet said that if I make the appointment for the day I leave, they can provide me with a relaxer shot.

However I'm curious as to how to handle the bathroom breaks. Do I just open up my trunk to the back seat (folding seats down) and set up something in there or what?

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First I would NOT use any medication when traveling. I know vets ok it, but most cats have bad reactions to tranquilizers.

Second, if you are stopping to eat, then you could allow the cats out and put a litter pan out for them. Just be sure to have paper towels, bags, and extra towels in case they wind up messing in the carriers.
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Hmm..thanks. The only cat I'm worried about with that is Luna. I know that she reacts badly to any sort of calming meds, however Patches, Beauty and Whitey have been fine in the past.

The only reason we're doing this is because of Beauty and Patches age (13 & 12 respectivily). Neither like being in a cat carrier and we're concern that they're going to stress themselves out. Since they haven't reacted badly in the past, that's why we're doing the tranqs.
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I have moved many times with my cats, and have found that the best way is to let them have all the food and water they want the evening before, then take the food. Mine don't drink that much anyway, so it is not an issue. Water bottles that are used for small animal cages suffice for long trips.
They fuss and cry for awhile, then they settle down and do what cats do, sleep. It can be tiring on you for a long ride so you do not have to disturb them, but it is much better than trying to let them use the box and try to get them back into carriers. When I get where I am going, I immediately designate 1 room for the cats, put down their needs, and bring them in. They are ready to eat and potty by then, but they have always been ok. I tried the letting them out in the car to use the box, but most of them wouldn't use it anyway, and it took forever to wrestle them back into the carriers. I hope my next vehicle is going to be a van with an enclosure for the back so they can be more comfortable if we have to make long trips with them again. Good luck on your move. Let us know how it went.
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Yes, please let us know what you end up doing. I am always interested to hear how people travel with their kitties.
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It'll be another week or so, but I'll definitely post! This info is good for those traveling long distances.
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It's been my experience that cats won't eat or potty during a trip. We drive 6 hours to see my family and they never use the box or want to eat. They like to get out and stretch their legs, but we only let them out when we're stopped after we've gotten our food and are eating inside the car with the doors shut. Trying to get them back into their cages is a trick, especially if they get up in the back window! We put the litterbox on the floor behind one of the seats so they have access if they need it.

Whatever you do, don't let them into the trunk as it might be terrible trying to get them if you need to. Just thinking of the possibilities is horrifying to me.

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And she never ate, drank or used the litter box until we got to the motel in the evening. We stopped at parks along the way and she got out and walked about a bit (on her leash). I offered her food and water, and the litter box was on the floor for her to use but she just ignored them. It's good to have all the necessary handy just in case your cat reacts differently, but from what I've read, most cats won't want anything until they're out of the car. My cat was pretty calm on the trip, don't know if thats they way she would have been anyway - first long trip with her - or because of the Rescue Remedy that I put in her water. Good luck on your drive.
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