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What have your pets done to make you want to strangle them??

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It may sound harsh but I am about to strangle my parents puppy...

She is 7 months old and should know better, she has never done anything of the sort before.

Tomorow is my parents 34th aniversary and since I am unemployed and a little strapped for cash I decided to make them a cake. So I made a from scratch Chocolate Zuccini cake which took about an hour to prepare and another hour to cook.

So the cake was taken out of the oven at about 8:00 tonight and I set it on the counter to cool, not even 1/2 hour later I go out to get a drink and the dog has eaten over half of a 9 x 13" cake.

And of course I'm peeved but then the magic word jumps into my head "CHOCOLATE!"

So, I just got back from the vet with a dog that was forced to vomit a 1$150.00 vet bill, no cake and a serious need for a stiff drink!

SO now I am wondering how many of my fellow Catsite'ers have wanted to strangle their pet on occasion. I can oly think of one other time and that was our old cat Smokey who ate the better part of a raw roast beef. Sibohan has never done a killable offence as of yet.
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Where do I start?

About 2 months after we adopted Jake (he was 7 months old) he decided my BRAND NEW couch pillows were a tasty treat. Mind you, this is a SILK couch too
I tried so hard to sew them up but they were done for.

Tiger has this sneaky habit that anytime he gets a bath, he pees in my closet...on our shoes!
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I have a lot of Cats.. so i have a lot of stories.. One of which happened yesterday... reallly reallly got me going... I set my New puma bag which had all my homework from the university in it.. and i went to the washroom.. 2-3 minutes later i see my cat Zack which is already 1 year and 1 month old... HE WAS PEEING ON MY BAG! i screamed.. and this was like 2 am in the morning... i mean what the hell... i was so mad, i can't even explain.. first off the bag cost $150 and all the work that was in there was not retrievable.. and you know you can't wash a leather bag it won't ever smell the same.. it'll always have that small strong of pee.. and paper.. ahh forget it... oh and once my cats took my diamond earrings and i mean 18k gold 1 ct diamond earrings... i left them in a box in my jewelry box.. they knocked over everything... and i lost those earrings.. and i believe a fake ring which had to value but was nice.. but ugh it drives you nuts.. but not enough to hurt them.. lol

anyway...yeah i have plenty of stories...
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I never want to strangle PHX.
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Wow, a $150.00 cake, must have been the most expensive cake you ever made.

I can't say that my pets would have done anything to make me strangle them, they know better.

I had an animal of a dog years ago that started to eat my homemade lazagna that I wanted to strangle, he chewed up my favorite shoes, he chewed through the metal fence, and so on.

I never wanted that dog in the first place, I sensed that he was not meant for our household. There was no 'connection' when I first met him. I should have really put my foot down back then and we should have gone looking at other shelters/pounds.
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When Halo was a puppy there were a few things...Just a few...

500-dollar security deposit
250-pet deposit
Gone due to chewing/digging through carpet.

TV- gone due to chewing the plug in wire off the TV. ( I still can't believe he is alive )
DVD- Same as TV
VCR-Same as DVD
Stereo-Met the same fate as the VCR. ( This was a really sad day for me, there was also a lamp and an alarm clock involved )

He ate my 25 dollar hair brush.

Then there was my collectable toys that he ruined.

When we moved into the house there were in ground lights that led the way on this path in our backyard. Halo hated them, so he ate those too.

In the end, I still think I got a bargin on him. He may have been the worst puppy ever but he is the greatest dog ever.
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Oh, let me tell you, I have the urge to strangle at least one most days! Sometime I think I should have just gotten gold fish.

The one I want to strangle the most right now is Snickers, my lab. She had a litter of pups 7 weeks ago. She had most of them in her crate in the spare bedroom. She has been crated when we were gone since we got her. She was fine when we let her have free roam of the spare room after her pups came. Didn't pee or poop anywhere. After the pups got to the point where they were active enough to start wandering out of the room, DH built a big pen in the basement and we moved them down there. Snickers has the run of the basement when we aren't there and at night.

Well, she for some reason thinks the basement is a second back yard! This dog is house messes when she was upstairs, confind to the spare room with the pups, but now we have piles of poop and puddles of pee to clean up every day!! I have no idea why she does this. It has gotten to the point we take them out for a walk, and Snickers will come back in the house (after we SEE her pee and poop) and she goes down in the basement and then poops there.

We have a concrete unfinished basement, so cleanup won't be that hard. But, she likes to poop on all the lumber that my husband is saving for our deck, and the extension cords laying around (not plugged in, but coiled up). It's just nasty!!

So, yes, I do want to strangle at least one of my pets. But I won't.

Sorry, you started a thread that let me vent....I'll vent about the cats tomorrow!
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The closest I have come to strangling any of them was Ophelia proving that she had moved fully from "feral" to "Princess" (yes, with a capital P).

Apparently, Ophelia can sense a soft material that would make an ideal bed because she found my wedding dress - in the dress bag in my closet. She SHREDDED the dress bag. Absolutely destroyed it. Wanna know why? She wanted to sleep on white satin. Lucky for her, she didn't do anything to the actual dress, except for a few small claw puncture holes inherent to wherever a clawed kitty goes. She didn't mess it up at all. That's why she's still alive. But now my dress is in a plastic garbag bag in a closed closet. Not exactly the best way to store it, but I haven't replaced the dress bag yet.
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My husband and I hate it when Angel, who is very vocal, wakes us up at all hours of the night with head butting, licking, walking and standing on our throats! She also still has a bad habit of comforting herself by suckling her belly. It's so loud and annoying!!!
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I wanted to kill Vino when he dumped my rat's cage the first day I had them and killed one! he didn't do it on purpose, I think he licked her to death honestly but that's why I only have one.

I wanted to strangle my old dog Misty when she ripped huge holes in my couch, the same couch that I had just sewed up from her other rips and this was done while I was standing in my driveway in plain sight

I don't think my cats have ever really done anything bad, but I was pretty peeved at Poseidon when he wasn't exactly welcoming to Hades
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I would never want to strangle my pets but I get ticked when they do something they shouldn't be doing like eating plastic. my rottie mix does that. of course she doesn't inhale it but she could if she wanted to.
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When my husband and I were first married (and broke) he decided to make me a nice steak dinner. he put the steak in the cupboard, (so the cat wouldn't jump on the counter and eat it) while he went out to the store to get something, he came home to find the cupboard open, the steak was gone, the cat was sitting on the counter licking his lips, yes I think he could have strangled him, If he could have caught him
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Well, I never wanted to strangle any, because I knew what I was getting into before I got the big kitties
OK, there was the $250 crystal lamp that was broken. (Don't know who did this, but when it broke, I had 5 or so cats looking at me like they were saying hey, it wasn't me )
Beveled glass table top broken (Boris)
Window blinds destroyed (Amber, Boris and Carmelo)
Couch chewed on, all cushions opened up and all the foam ripped out. (Carmelo) The cushions can be repaired, just need to get more foam.
Window shades destroyed (Carmelo, I believe)
Computer chair ripped up. (Carmelo and Amber)
Wood table legs chewed on. (Carmelo)
Mattress chewed and ripped and almost dragged down stairs. (Carmelo) Mattress is still usable
I am sure there are more, but I can not think of them at the moment
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Not strangle as such, cry or scream possibly.... I knew as soon as Radar popped out of his carrier when I brought him home that I was in for Trouble with a very definite capital T!

Last night was particularly trying - I had Radar attached to the laces of my shoes on one foot and Sonic attached to the other of the pair, I was still wearing them, and then they decided to start wrestling on my feet

But no it had to be the time when Nate cooked mozarella stuffed tomatoes, there was a load of juice mixed with olive oil left in the bottom of the roasting tin and he wanted to put it to one side so he could dip bread in it after the meal, so he put it 'out of reach' (HAHAHAHAHAHA) on top of one of the kitchen cupboards.

I went out to the kitchen a little while later to see Radar on top of the cupboard sniffing the juice - I reached up to grab the tin out of the way, and he decided at that point to test gravity with it and knocked it off the cupboard right on to me - tomato juice, bits of melted mozarella and oil all over me, all over the floor, all over Radar, I have never seen such a mess in my life. It took me well over 2 hours to clean everyone up and wash the floor, counters, cupboards, and fridge. It was one of those events that seems to happen in slow motion.

Did I want to strangle Radar? NO! I wanted to strangle NATE! He should have known by that point that Radar could and would go to investigate!

btw can you please post a recipe for the chocolate zucchini cake? pretty please? I used to have one but lost it
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Sho running out doors when he was younger. Once he would get outside he would act like he didn't even know me.
Saved his life from a terrible URI, vetted him, fed and spoiled him rotten, and that was the thanks he gave me.

I'm so glad he lost interest in sneaking outside after he turned two.

DH always threatens to strangle Sho when he's been harassing him for an hour or more for food, then when DH gives in and puts a little down... Sho walks off.

(DH would never actually do it, he can't even tell the cats "NO")
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Feral kitten poop and pee, on my side of the bed, 4 nights in a row, even though there is a litter box in that room.

I love these little feral kitties and want to give them a good start in life, but heck!!! This is my payment!!?!

Polly is perfect
Zender is even more perfect
Roxie doesn't listen and talks back to you when you try to "scold" her with words. lol That can get pretty frustrating. Nothing like being told to "piss off" by an animal that doesn't even speak human!! lol!!
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Mine are all perfect angels!!

A talent for selective memory comes in very handy!
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I'm quite surprised Simon is still alive, considering all the times I've wanted to strangle him not really, but he is SUCH a handful! He loves tearing across our bed at 3:30 in the morning, he's eaten through a bag of flour and started eating the flour, he's eaten half a loaf of homemade bread, he's eaten an ENTIRE package of spicy squid jerky (and he's never once gotten sick from any of this), the other night he knocked a big ceramic lamp off of a tall dresser, he ruined a pound of ground beef by gnawing on it, he always stole Wick's food and now he tries to steal Lyra's... the list goes on. He's a total but we love him anyway.
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I shouldn't laugh because I know these things are incredibly frustrating (and strangle-worthy) when you're dealing with them, but to hear about them is just too funny.

The only thing that Pekoe does is when he wakes me up in the middle of the night wanting to nurse on my hair. Drives me up the wall, but then I don't solve the problem by locking him out of my room, so I really can't complain.
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Tiny overturned my hamster cage, and threw it 4 feet to the floor... Thankfully little Newton was still happily hamstering about in the upside-down cage when I found it! Newton now resides on top of the fridge, to which neither cat is athletic enough to jump.

Tiny gets me pretty mad when he tries to pounce on my feet. I'm constantly playing with him, trying to get rid of all that energy... Neutering can't come soon enough for that one!

Baby Girl's a door-darter. 'Nuff said!
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Well, when Boo was a pup, he chewed the cover off my couch... but I didn't want to strangle him for that.. I wanted to strangle DH because he was supposed to be watching him and wasn't! Ohh DH got in trouble for that one.

I did want to strangle Boo when he ate my $400 prescription sunglasses. Crunched the lenses to pieces so I couldn't even get them repaired.

But mostly I just want to strangle Tryon whenever I try to clip her nails. I had a post on this before somewhere... but this chick just goes NUTS whenever you try to clip her nails.. a battle which usually leaves me scarred, bloody, bitten and bruised. On one hand, I can't really blame her because she's still pretty feral and I don't know what kind of life she had on the streets before I found her (I have to assume pretty rough)... but getting just one nail cut is usually enough to make me want to bring her to the shelter!!!

.... Not that I would ever do it....
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Oh dear... I don't want to take over the thread, but I'll post small things.

When 8-Bit: gave my bra as a gift, ate a repair man's sandwich leaving him lunchless, destroyed his first bag of flour and turned into a gray ball of glue, learned to trigger the catch on the auto feeder so he could eat whenever he wanted.... the list goes on and on and on.

Scratch: When he demolishes the new rugs we bought because he likes to pull out their strings, make them into a pile, and then show them to us.

Dr. Claw: He's my good boy. I don't really have any complaints about him.
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Well... we're the "grownups," so I figure whatever happens is my own fault for not guarding against it. If I buy an expensive piece of upholstered furniture, leave food out without closing the kitchen door, walk away from my beading without putting something over it... I can't blame the kitties for doing what kitties do!

So not only does it never even cross my mind to do violence to them, I'm extremely uncomfortable with even joking about it.
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I'm sure you've notice me mention that my Maggie chews everything. This habit has caused me more grief than, perhaps, anything else in my life. I don't really want to strangle her, but I've been tempted to grab a pair of pliers and pull out all her little teeth! Besides all of the other things I've mentioned in other posts, probably the worst thing she's chewed was a borrowed book. At the time I knew she liked to chew electrical cords and her toys, but I never realized that she was a literary critic (or connoisseur.)

One of the surgeons that I work with loaned me a copy of his favorite book. It was a hard cover, out of print book that he said he re-reads because it is his most favorite book by his favorite author. I took it home and sat down in the living room to read it. It was a very good book, and I read quite late into the night, until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I set it on the end table next to the chair, and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, Maggie had virtually destroyed the cover by chewing every corner to a pulp. It took me several months to find a copy on either eBay or Amazon, that was a hard cover in mint condition to replace it. And it cost me more than $100. Since that time, I've discovered that she also enjoys paperback books too. I'm much more careful now with books that I'm reading. I either put them in the drawer of the end table, or put them in the bookself or protect them in some way from Maggie's teeth.
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Tilly eats books too. And she knows I want the book, she looks me right in the eye before tearing my library books to shreds.
I was once tempted to rehome her (i think i offered her on TCS?) when she 'got spooked' and clawed her way up our nearly brand-new computer monitor, which cost about $300 to replace.
And they both like to sleep on my mum's nicest cardigans even though she ties the wardrobe door shut and puts a heavy chair in front of the door.
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Boy, I could have strangled Boo a year ago, but that is the only time I think I have ever been upset with one of my pets. Of course it didn't last long and it was funny afterwards!

After searching several towns for a prom dress for my daughter, and I tell's extremely difficult finding her ANY clothes, (let alone a formal dress) we finally found one. It was black satin....long...very pretty! Before I took it to be altered, I hung it on the back of a door, which I should have known better. Anyway, Boo decided she wanted to tear the plastic cover thingie off of it and she left her claw marks all over the bottom of the dress!!

Luckily...when it was altered, the little claw holes were just below the length that the dress had to be hemmed. I still laugh at what could have happened, and that I was so careless. But my daughter still has a fit whenever I tell her Boo was just wanting to make suire her dress was the perfect one!!
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