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I'm new here. I have 2 cats. Felicia is a 13 year old patched tabby and Beau is a 10 year old sable Burmese. I have only posted on one other board, and enjoy it very much. I'm sure I will enjoy it here too.
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Welcome to the boards! We dearly love to see pictures of cats so if you have any. Also check out Cat Pages where you can build a mini website to your furry friends!

Cat Pages
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Hello there!
I know you will love it here. I do! This site is soooo addicting, and theres so much to talk about!
If you have pictures, we would love to see them!

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Yup - hi there and welcome. Great to have you here. Jump right on in with any questions or comments!

Oh, and pictures would be GREAT!!!
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Welcome to the site! As you can tell, everyone's real friendly around here. Jump right in anywhere, whether questions about your cats or just general chat and getting to know us all in The Cat Lounge.
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Welcome and post some pics!

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Welcome to you and your kitties! :eye&mouth
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Hi! We want pics!
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