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Creepy crawly pets eat owner

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Umm-can you say GROSS?? Not to mention, very bizarre!!,00.html

I would of hated to be the people to find that man.....
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I shoulda waited till I was done eating to read that. Yuck
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Well it kinda serves himself right really. When keeping such creatures as pets you need them in suitable enclosures, by the sound of that he had them all free. But if there were snakes there you would think the would have eaten the lizards and the whole law of the jungle would have applied. {well it did in the end eh}
I see that article gave pit-bulls a bad name, by comparing some of the spiders with them.
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Wow, that's horrible.
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Oh that is disgusting! I do feel bad for that man, to die and be found that way. It's gross and sad all at once.
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Ewww, well lets hope that this will show other pet owners out there that they need to take extra care when owning certian types of animals.
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Oh man, that is so creepy!!! I'm gonna have nightmares tonight...
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Horror movie is right - that's a real horror movie. I feel sorry for the poor officers that have to live with the nightmare!
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You know that was pretty gross and well this is the reason why you shouldn't keep bugs in your house.

However I do have a bone to pick with that article.

“He had spiders so aggressive they are the equivalent of a pit-bull in the animal world,†she said.
The media really needs to be careful about making statement like this. This just rubs me the wrong way.
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“He had spiders so aggressive they are the equivalent of a pit-bull in the animal world,†she said.
That statement really annoyed me too. Once again the media portrays pitbulls in a bad light..

I hate to say it but it sounds like this man should have known better. The article says he had thinngs that should never have been kept in a private home.
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I wish I hadn't read that. The poor guy, but ewwwww!

And I really didn't like the pit bull comparison either
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I don't mean to make this sound like an IMO thread, but seriously, "poor guy", "what a way to go" and "what a way to be found". A small part of me kinda agrees with those comments but then, I got to think realistically for a few moments.
For starters, having 200 Black widow spiders, thats not something you should keep in a private home. Especially if you don't have an enclosure. {his fault}
You may be thinking freak accident, but he would have needed dozens of enclosures, so what, did he let all his creepy crawlies out at the same time? {if so, again his fault} or did 1 spider escape, bite the dude, then release the others? {highly unlikely but possible}
Oh and the termite thing, sounds like the guys house was condemned or unfit for human habitat.

Well we've all heard the term about playing with fire, this guy simply soaked his matches in petrol first {if you know what I mean.}

Perhaps he had a mental illness or something, perhaps it was a setup and he was actually murdered by someone.
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oh my gosh that is just nasty!!!

I agree though, I think this guy had some issues
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What kind of a moron would keep 200 Black Widow spiders? A dead moron.
Jeez, what an idiot. Sorry, I can't feel much sympathy for him.
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Oh my gosh - that's disgusting! That is what he gets for keeping that many things in his apartment, though. It was his own undoing in the end - I honestly can't spity him at all. I do pity the policemen who found him and the apartment dwellers next door to him...what a smell!

By the way, am I right in thinking that I read something about him having bird-eating spiders spider, too!? Eek!!!

Edit: I found this link that explained how they got out. It also said one of his spiders (named Bettina) was probably the killer.
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That is horrible! What I don't get though did a spider kill him and why weren't all of those animals in cages? Was he just living with them running loose??
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to find spider Bettina along with 200 others, several snakes, a gecko lizard called Helmut and several thousand termites had gorged on his body
Some of the article makes no sense. At least not stating that the lizards (aforementioned as one gecko) "tore off flesh".
I'm very familiar with gecko mouths, even tokays do not have teeth capable of ripping off pieces of flesh.
I'm not even sure the termites could eat animal/meat unless it was very very decomposed. The protozoa in their stomachs couldn't digest anything fresh.
Snakes can't rip off anything.

Bit of fear mongering against people that own exotics in the article, or complete lack of common sense.

As for the widow spiders, a collection like that is better left to people that actually managing them properly and gather the venom for medical uses.
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