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so very sad

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im having a terribel day and just feel lousy. i feel so sad and down. i hope every1 will understand that i cant give specfics on why, but i could sure use some vibes.

i know some will prolly think that i shouldnt even post this if i cant give details but i really dont have any friends in my area anymroe and TCS has been so good to me that i know just knowing there are some nice people out there might help lift my spirts.

hope every1 had a great weekend. hugs and luv,


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I'm sorry your feeling down.
Here's a big hug from yours truly.
And I'll send some positive vibes your way.
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'Nother hug from here, and some ankle rubs from Dylan, Sassy, Clyde, Pearl, Abby, and St. John.

St. John also likes to nibble on toes, so that should cheer you up.
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dang, i appreciate it every1. i sure hope in
a day or two i can feel a littel better. right
now everything seems so dark and sometimes
i feel just so hopeless

it is nice knowng that there are nice peopel on this
site. tcs is defnitely the best. right now, tho,
all i can do is think about sleeeping.

but maybe tomrrow it will be better.
i dont know 4 sure but big thx from me
to gene and carol. i hope u know u are both
cherised angels 2 me. ill talk to every1 on
here tomorrow. i hope im back to 'normal', lol.
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Awww, I'm sorry. I had a bad day too. Probably not as bad as yours but cheer up OK. I hope things get better.
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you're feeling blue. from IA and hope you feel happier too.

I hope you feel better after a good nights sleep.
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Oh honey, you don't have to give a reason why you are feeling down. I know with me, sometimes I don't KNOW why I'm feeling down...I just know I am. So, many hugs and vibes from me. I hope tomorrow is better for you.
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Here are some for you that you can get through whatever it is that you are dealing with and that you are ok! I hope you feel better soon!
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thx luvmycat jugen jilly n calico. i wish i could say i felt lots better today but even tho the skies are blue out my window they r gray in my room.

it helps having peopel who care, tho. it does.

thx again.
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Sorry to hear your feeling down. I know exactly what its like (Suffered major depression for quite a few years now) Some things that helped me feel a little better when i had no one i could talk to was 1 talk to my teddy bear, they always have time to listen and give great hugs also 2 just sit at your pc (or with a pen and paper) dont think just write. Let everyting thats on your mind out. You dont have to even read it when your done if you dont want to. Just getting it out of your system can sometimes be a good help. I hope your feeling better after some sleep.
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thx again every1. things are looking a little bettr now as i got some good news on the #1 thing that was bringng me down. must of been the tcs vibes.

we will see how the rest of the day goes. maybe #2 will get squeezed out too.
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Well, here's a few more that problem #2 gets cleard up so you can feel cheery again! It's not fun feeling down... we all feel that way sometimes. Hope you feel better soon.
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Here are some good vibes from me and the herd{{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}}
If I lived closer I'd send Bakker over to give you a kitty facial (that boy could lick your face off with his raspy tongue and he loves to lick people!!)
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I hope your feeling better today!!
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i am doing a bit bettr as the day goes on today. thx so much 4 every1s luv and support and hugs and vibes.

it means so much. hopefuly i will get over my other problem soon and be 100% on my feet again.

much luv2 all

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