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Grooming Lessons

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Greta and Misty have been getting settled in as best friends for about a month now. Greta was more than willing to give Misty a little grooming but it has taken Misty a little time to return the favor, and her technique needs a little work.

Greta grooming Misty:

Misty attempting to groom Greta and the scuffle that always follows:

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How cute! At least Misty is trying.
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Aww, how cute! I love the pics. I hope my kitties can get along that well someday!
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Awwwww would you look at that, isn't it precious

Loved the wrestling afterwards as well
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How sweet!!!
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Don't you love it when they actually get along?!?! Samba and Tubee are like that, Samba cleans Tubee, then Tubee tries to cleans Samba but they start fighting as soon as Tubee starts. I love it when they get along!!

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That is exactly what my to furballs have been doing to each other, starts out nice, then wrestling match.
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Awww look how gorgeous they are together
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Great the wrestling pics
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Ha-ha, that's so cute!
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